Sinn Fein has Policing and Justice problems in its own back yard…

The Irish News yesterday picked up an interesting detail on the backwash of the Sean Hughes story that’s worth noting… It’s not so much the reaction of Paul Quinn’s parents, since they believe with probable justification that a local IRA punishment squad was behind the beating to death of their son you’d not expect them to look kindly on their MPs defence of Hughes, but what their remarks reveal of Sinn Fein’s complete lack of application through the local DPPs on their behalf…

“We… can only look on in astonishment at the gall of our MP Mr Murphy in his staunch defence of his ‘comrade’ Sean Hughes over alleged major fraud,” they said. “This is the same MP who called our son Paul a criminal and who, when asked on TV if had proof of that replied ‘No but I can speculate’.”

The Quinns criticised Mr Murphy for commenting on Mr Hughes’s case before the end of the investigation. “It seems that we have no need for police or judges. We only need to ask Mr Murphy to establish guilt or innocence,” they said.

They also claimed that neither Mr Murphy nor his party had asked about the progress of their son’s murder investigation.

“To our certain knowledge Sinn Fein has never raised any question at District Policing Partnership meetings on how the investigation is going and we believe that on the Policing Board the only people to do so are the SDLP and the Official Unionists.”

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