Sinn Fein has Policing and Justice problems in its own back yard…

The Irish News yesterday picked up an interesting detail on the backwash of the Sean Hughes story that’s worth noting… It’s not so much the reaction of Paul Quinn’s parents, since they believe with probable justification that a local IRA punishment squad was behind the beating to death of their son you’d not expect them to look kindly on their MPs defence of Hughes, but what their remarks reveal of Sinn Fein’s complete lack of application through the local DPPs on their behalf…

“We… can only look on in astonishment at the gall of our MP Mr Murphy in his staunch defence of his ‘comrade’ Sean Hughes over alleged major fraud,” they said. “This is the same MP who called our son Paul a criminal and who, when asked on TV if had proof of that replied ‘No but I can speculate’.”

The Quinns criticised Mr Murphy for commenting on Mr Hughes’s case before the end of the investigation. “It seems that we have no need for police or judges. We only need to ask Mr Murphy to establish guilt or innocence,” they said.

They also claimed that neither Mr Murphy nor his party had asked about the progress of their son’s murder investigation.

“To our certain knowledge Sinn Fein has never raised any question at District Policing Partnership meetings on how the investigation is going and we believe that on the Policing Board the only people to do so are the SDLP and the Official Unionists.”

  • igor

    If they had asked would / could / should the police have told them?

  • Red Diesel Republican

    Mick, it’s not strictly true that Sinn Fein has not raised the Paul Quinn investigation at local DPP meeting. They turned out in considerable force at a DPP meeting in Mullaghbawn last year, including Annette Hughes, but their whole focus was on complaining about PSNI arrrests of suspects in the case. They submitted about a dozen questions for the Distict Commander to answer. None pertained to the murder, all complained about the arrests, including the cost to ratepayers (which is of course rubbish, policing is not on the local budget). They were not put off their rant when Breege Quinn and several members of the Quinn family turned up. They complained that child protection measures were in place when houses with young children were searched. Mrs Quinn pointed out that no children were harmed whereas her son was battered to death, but irony is not a Provo strength. The anger of the Sinn Fein contingent was genuine, not politically contrived. It seems to centre on the idea that they have a mandate in South Armagh and therefore no one belonging to them should ever be arrested.

    The amazing silence of Sinn Fein on the Quinn case is not only at DPP level. In her previous incarnation Annette Hughes was chair of Meigh CRJ (Community Restorative Justice). To put it mildly, Sinn Fein is strongly represented on the CRJ and community safety bodies which sprang up a few years ago. Not one of them has ever said anything about the Quinn murder, not even the Cullyhanna Safety Group which has membership that is practically coterminous with the Sinn Fein cumann. The reason may well be further overlapping memberships.

  • percy

    you can’t run with the hare and hunt with the hound!
    Sinn Fein needs to leave Bullingdon omerta behind

  • Brian Walker

    What an illuminating account from red deisel
    (what a blog name!)- a justification im itself for the blog..

  • Sean

    And if Sinn Fein had of asked then they would have been accused of unduly trying to influence the outcome

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

  • Mick Fealty

    What do you think DPPs are for Sean?

  • igor

    The current model of Government was designed on the basis that SF had left the past behind and were beginning life as democrats. While there has been huge progress sadly, they haven’t.

    Do we as a community want those in office to still be so closely associated with organsied crime and to feel that they always have to act as the apologists for it? If they cannot move beyond this then why should the rest of us trust them or want to see P&J devolved?

    The Labour Party has created a dreadful mess in this. It now looks like it will be for the Conservatives to sort it out and the Irish Government really do need to live up to their remit as almost guarantors for nationalists. Being a guarantor does not mean ceding control of law and order to those actively involved in crime. That does a disservice to all Irish people

  • Sean

    I think the DPP’s are there to help influence the direction of the police not the direction of a single investigation

    But very telling that you called the Quinns justified even though not a stitch of evidence has been provided to back up their belief

    Of course trial by media is all too common is it not?

  • Red Diesel Republican

    Sean, as far as the Quinn case is concerned Sinn Fein have only ever been damned by their own words, acts and omissions. They are not the victims however good they are at playing the part, the Quinn family are. Let us all be very clear that no one ever commented on Sinn Fein until Conor Murphy said Paul Quinn was a criminal and Gerry Adams repeated it. No one asked Sinn Fein to invent fairy stories about unknown gangs of smugglers that even the Gardai had to rubbish in the local papers. The family accused the Provisional IRA, not Sinn Fein. It is up to Sinn Fein to explain why it exonerated a whole class of suspects; why Conor Murphy, after smearing a dead man, then claimed that the Garda/PSNI investigation was based on smears and ill-founded rumour. No one asked Conor Murphy to consult with the local leaders of the Provisional IRA on the murder as he admitted on BBC Newsnight, 28th November 2007). By consulting with potential suspects in a murder case he must surely be breach of article (b) of the Ministerial Pledge of Office: commitment to non-violence and exclusively peaceful and democratic means. On the same programme he said investigation of the murder was not necessarily a matter for the PSNI. That would seem to put him in breach of Paragraph 6 of the St Andrews Agreement:
    “We believe that the essential elements of support for law and order include endorsing fully the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the criminal justice system, actively encouraging everyone in the community to co-operate fully with the PSNI in tackling crime in all areas and actively supporting all the policing and criminal justice institutions, including the Policing Board.”

    Sinn Fein interfered in this investigation, no one interfered with them. If, in response to the Quinn family’s accusation, Conor Murphy had simply said he didn’t believe the IRA did it but the PSNI should investigate whoever did, nobody would have had a word to say to Sinn Fein. But they chose another path, of smear and vilification against the Quinn family’s campaign. The question is why. No one but Sinn Fein can answer that.

  • Sean

    Red Diesel I am not wet behind the ears I remember well this story

    The family started out accusing PIRA / Sinn Fein and Murphy originally said that PIRA was not involved and the police have never said they were

    The police did say that they beleive member or associate or FORMER members or ASSOCIATES OF FORMER MEMBERS were likely responsible. How PIRA is suposed top control the actions of FORMER MEMBERS is quite beyond me, since unionists insisted they disband and thereby cede control of FORMER MEMBERS. More interesting still is that unionists have never even mentioned disbanding unionist terror organizations

    As for Paul Quinn’s criminality I believe it has been well established that he was a willing smuggler which I believe is a criminal enterprise

  • Brit


    Your worldview is:-

    Irish nationalists are always in the right and Unionism is pure sectarian bigotry. the Irish have suffered oppression from the Brits analagous to that inflicted on blacks and Jews in slavery and the holocaust. And PIRA never did anything good and what about loyalist murderers anyhow.

    And if that means apologia for murderous thugs and gangsters and disgusting smearing of a victim of those thugs you’ll persuade yourself that you are fighting the good fight from across the Atlantic.

  • Brit

    “PIRA never did anything bad” that should read.

  • Slieve Gullion

    History has treated Merlyn Rees very unfairly. He was not the first to use the term bandit country about South Armagh. That distinction actually belongs to oliver Plunkett who said the area (the baronies of Fews and Orior Upper) was ‘a country infested by banditti’. As my friend Michael Caine never said, not may people know that.

    It is time to recognise that these two baronies have reverted to their proper status, first established in the Bronze Age, as a petty kingdom. The king is chosen by the aristocratic warrior class from the royal lineage of the Sons of Aodh, known since ancient times as the Haqlers (thought to be a Pictish word). For centuries their royal court of Barrawully, first mentioned in the Book of the Two Miley Cows, was thought to be a mythical place, but we now know it is real. They rule as they have ruled for millennia, taking tribute from lesser rulers (in cattle, but diesel, videos and dodgy Smirnoff accepted at a push), taking hostages for good behaviour and ensuring that honour and deference is paid to the whole warrior class. Lack of deference is punished on a sliding scale starting with a couple of skelps and progressing through a lock of digs to more serious transgressions.

  • Sean


    Thank you for telling me my world view, I should have known I needed telling by you. Except of course you are completely wrong!

    Irish Nationalists and PIRA have done plenty wrong your problem is that there exists no known evidence that either group were responsible for this just people with media spotlight and opinions. Which by the way is greatly helped by people like you with the pollysannish belief in all good things flow from the brits.

    I did not smear the victim he is just not the poor little lilly white boy you wish to project him to be. And in my opinion it is far more likely that criminals involved in crime did this murder instead of the NON-EXISTANT PROVOS. Were some of them FORMER members, almost undoubtadly but how does a NON-EXISTANT organization control FORMER MEMBERS

  • Red Diesel

    Sean, get it right. The Quinns accused the Provo IRA, not and absolutely not Sinn Fein in relation to the murder. Instead of coming to the aid of the family of a murdered constituent, MP Conor Murphy proceeded to smear a dead man before his body was cold. The Quinns naturally reacted to that lie as any decent person would. But Sinn Fein were in the clear until they put themselves in the shite. Now, please show me where and by whom it was ‘established’ that Paul was a smuggler or involved in anything less than legal. If you mean smeared, say so. This is just part of the slander campaign that it is quite proper to accuse Sinn Fein of since they did it. But the murder? No, that was the Provos, it involved more than a dozen people and it used the leadership, experience and forensic expertise of the South Armagh command, with some personnel from a dozen miles away.

  • grannie trixie

    Sean: Don’t you get it – whether Paul Quinn was involved in crime is irrelevant -‘justice’ was not served by a kangaroo court. Unionist domination created an unfair society but whats fair about cases like Paul Quinn?

  • alan56

    ‘I did not smear the victim he is just not the poor little lilly white boy you wish to project him to be.’
    Did you know the victim? How can you absolutely stand over that claim and then accuse others of jumping to conclusions about the perpetrators of his murder… astonishing hypocricy

  • percy

    you’re deliberately avoiding the central issue which is:

    “It seems that we have no need for police or judges. We only need to ask Mr Murphy to establish guilt or innocence,”

    Now if you want to continue to get all smart and self-rightoues: twisting like a pirouette dancer:

    It actually turns out that paul quinn does not actually have any criminal convictions,
    whereas sean hughes does have a criminal record.

    How’s your dancing feet now?

  • Springfield

    Sean-I promised myself that I would try and ignore you, however; another bit of well meant advice;

    Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. It seems you’ll never learn.

  • Sean


    Mr. Murphy did try to establish guilt or innocence of any individual he merely stated that the PIRA had no part of this murder. He never spoke about any individuals merely spoke to a direction the investigators should investigate after all was Paul Quinn not lured to his death on the promise of a job driving smuggled goods?

    As for Mr Hughes he has a criminal record so that gives the government the right to seize his assets 7 years after his conviction? There are a great many fo the grand and good should be fearing for their property

  • Sean


    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees

  • Jo

    I think Conor Murphy walked straight into this 0ne by lauding his friend while previously blackguarding a dead man. Did he not realise what he said previously was on the record and could only be compared unfavourably? he is supposed to be an intelligent man and by all accounts is a good Minister for RD.

    I don’t recall his views on Slab’s activities, but, as was said above, when those in the clique do something wrong its: “alright lads, no harm done, sure we’re all on the same side”.

    Except when someone from the area kicks out at the death of their son.

    Then its “how dare they?!” As with the McCartneys. Those 2 high profile cases convinced me (and possibly others?0 that there was no point in a Truth and Reconciliation process when people were such bare faced liars and deceivers, even about contemporary events, let alone those from 40 years ago.

  • percy

    that’s right sean he was lured to a barn,
    do you recall what happened when he got there?

  • Sean

    Yes criminals beat him to death

    Your point is?

  • Jo


    Your last comment is very trite and completely un-self aware.

    Do you think Sean Quinn died on his feet – or lying on his back?

    I, and many others who are not antagonistic to SF, think he was very badly served by his Member of Parliament. Posthumously.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    How many people are posting here out of concern for Quinn/McCartney and how many just fancy a poke at the Provos?

  • McGrath

    While the organization name my have now fallen out of use, the fiefdom is still intact and strong with rent-a-mouth Murphy spewing out the fiefs defense, like an involuntary reflex. I wonder who funds his election campaign?

  • Jo

    I think many may well vent their spite at the Provos when and wherever.

    As I mentioned the latter family, may I point to my record as a supporter of powersharing, the GFA and St Andrews.

    I don’t think SF did themslevs any favours in handing the Quinns or McCartney events. Despite that, rather than because of that, I maintain my position.

    I would point out that such events hand political propaganda to the TUV and internal opposition within the DUP (Campbell et al)

    Do not underestimate the journey that PR has come, as well as GA and MMcG.

    The difference, hopefully is that the TUV et al do not have the power to mobilise the UDA, as their ilk once did. That is a key source of their frustration, right now.

  • Dave

    “The difference, hopefully is that the TUV et al do not have the power to mobilise the UDA, as their ilk once did. That is a key source of their frustration, right now.”

    That is a reprehensible statement, and quite possibly libellous.

  • percy

    Many of us still support SF at the ballot box.
    In fact we want them to really do the biz, and go all the way to a united ireland.

    but very difficult to attack TUV and the bigots when riding two horses.
    The moral edge is lost, and the guts needed to really push through, just arent there.

    SF must make us its mind.

  • Sean

    Jo that comment had nothing to do with Mr. Quinn but thanks for playing

  • percy

    young paul quinn was tricked with the offer of a
    monetary reward for clearing out a barn.
    Nothing to do with diesel or smuggling;
    as you claim.

    Last time I checked smugglers don’t dress up in boiler suits.

    maybe you’ve been to too many fancy dress parties, and have trouble separating fact from fiction …..

  • igor

    “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees”

    better still to lie in the lap of luxury with the money rolling in and all those houses to look back on

  • igor

    Is it true that the new SF election slogan in South Armagh “Croppie lie down”?

  • Jo

    In the full knowledge (how could it be otherwise?)of the years of violent conflict that we’ve been through, opposition to the current peace process has to include an assessment of the desirability of a return to violence.

    My view is that the TUV and dissident republicans would be content with violence as it strengthens both their positions. I would prefer, frankly, that they deal with each other in those terms, but the rest of us have tended to feature prominently in the casualty lists when ignorant factions clash.

  • random_quotes


    “The difference, hopefully is that the TUV et al do not have the power to mobilise the UDA, as their ilk once did. That is a key source of their frustration, right now.”

    “My view is that the TUV and dissident republicans would be content with violence as it strengthens both their positions. I would prefer, frankly, that they deal with each other in those terms, but the rest of us have tended to feature prominently in the casualty lists when ignorant factions clash.”

    Your two statements are very, very different. The first one claims that the TUV are frustrated at not having the ability to mobilise terrorists to support them.
    The second claims that the TUV would prefer a return to consistent terrorist violence, as it strengthens their position.

    Which one are you putting forward?

  • Red Diesel Republican

    But what are we going to do about the core problem here? Look at the massive political effort that has gone into blackening the name of Paul Quinn, that continues more than two years after his death. All because his parents said Provos were involved in his death. The huge Sinn Fein machine, which has enough on its plate, gets diverted into smashing the message of Provo involvement. For a while they were actually able to put their false message into the mouth of Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, until the weight of circumstancial evidence and public outrage forced him to shift tack. Once the Gardai laughed off the notion of shadowy non-Provo criminal and smuggler gangs and the investigation began to focus narrowly on Provos, the Sinn Fein machine was refocused on denigrating and perverting the whole investigation. Taken together with previous statements on Slab Murphy and the recent ones by Conor Murphy and Michelle Gildernew, Sinn Fein is essentially peddling the idea that all investigations of Provos for any crime whatsoever are politically motivated by securocrats who seek to bring down the peace process. This is absolutely classic diversion: ‘Hit me now with the Peace Process in my arms’. Nobody in South Armagh is aware of the Surgeon or the Slab doing anything for the peace process, unless of course we accept the idea that everyone who was in or did anything for the Provos was a dedicated peace processor. Now we have a new twist where the devolution of policing and justice is desperately needed to stop all these securocrat attacks on peace processors. In the early days of the Quinn campaign serious attempts were made to paint the family and its supporters as enemeis of the peace process. So we have Sinn Fein the victim and its gallant band of peace processors beset by enemies, knaves and fools and we must give them more power in order to defeat this vile conspiracy stretching from Drumlougher in Cullyhanna to some dark recess in London which is actually beyond the control of Sinn Fein’s friends in Downing Street.

    Sinn Fein has created a magnificant political machine which can muster nearly 20,000 votes in Newry Armagh. It holds almost all the council seats in the Slieve Gullion ward in South Armagh. Why is all this being perverted to protect a handful of gangsters who have never stood for election and never will? What harm would it do their political project if a handful of those who battered Paul Quin to death, who broke every significant bone in his body, went down for life? What harm would that do to the peace process? Sinn Fein are probably holding the line in South Armagh, but at a terrible price in truth and human decency. The Sinn Fein councillors who were ordered not to go to Paul’s funeral are decent men, every one of them, doing good work and they richly deserve to be re-elected for that work. But they are standing over a conspiracy to deny a murder and acquiescing in a terrible pack of lies.

  • Jo

    Both, actually.

    Loyalist violent groups have now been effectively neutered through various means.

    But there are still many guns out there and there is an undercurrent which glorifies the practice of literally stamping out life – motivated by sectarian hatred.

  • Jo


    Some good posts there. It would seem that the dehumanising process whereby people are persuaded that “some killing is necessary” has shaken a community when one of their own falls foul of this “policing”.

    Staying quiet for some form of “greater good” loses somehting of its power in a peacetime situation – but we shouldn’t underestimate the powerful culture which is, as pointed out earlier, centuries old.

    But beating a young man to death is not acceptable and is NOT RIGHT.

  • paddy

    murphy has a cheek. he has a criminal record the lenght of your has maskey defending robert mc cartneys killers and defending the rioting used to cover up evedince. how many of these hobos serving in stormont have criminal records i wonder

  • Skintown Lad

    Pancho’s Horse

    “How many people are posting here out of concern for Quinn/McCartney and how many just fancy a poke at the Provos?”

    You appear to be missing the point. You do not need to have concern for the victims themselves in order to reject the notion that investigations by police should be thwarted; to reject the notion that crime should go unpunished; and to reject the notion that elected servants of the people should brush the whole bloody mess under the carpet. Respect for law and order is what we are concerned about here and an inevitable by-product of that concern is having a poke at the Provos, whose record on the matter is decidedly poor.

    Those who don’t have a justifiable answer always question the motives of those asking the questions.

  • percy

    “What harm would it do their political project if a handful of those who battered Paul Quin to death,
    who broke every significant bone in his body, went down for life?
    What harm would that do to the peace process?”

    It would be a defining moment, SF could then claim to be moral guardians of the peace process.

    Being in the prescence of conor would be like meeting a holy man,
    as opposed to the prince of darkness.

  • Sean

    Skintown Lad

    Where, when, why, who and how have Sinn Fein ever said the investigation of Paul Quinns murder should be thwarted. They are only objecting to the methods used. Rounding up dozens of people for the maximum allowable amount of time and then releasing them with out charge is not an investigation technique its an attempt to try and convict by the media of a subset of people that the police are openly hostile to.

    So many on here are already convinced of the guilt of these people that I would say mission accomplished! Of course those people are the ones that are predisposed to nationalist being guilty of everything before they are even charged

  • Red Diesel Republican

    Sean, you are being used for a senseless rearguard action. Look at the facts. Paul Quinn slapped a Provo who insulted his sister. Two of them came back at him and he slapped them both. Through an innocent intermediary he was threatened and given the chance to go into exile. he told them where to stick their exiling order and they killed him. Over a dozen people were involved immediately at the killing site, others were monitoring him from at least 10 o’clock in the morning on Saturday 20th October 2007(he was killed about 5PM). The killing squad wore forensic suits and surgical gloves and they sprayed the killing site with chemicals to frustrate DNA analysis. Paul died just before 8PM. By 10.30PM, journalists who cover the border beat were getting calls from known Sinn Fein contacts on the following lines: ‘if you hear a story about someone from South Armagh getting killed, there’s nothing to it, just a row among unsavoury elements outside a pub in Castleblayney’. That briefing continued into Sunday afternoon and only stopped when the Quinn family stated their well-founded belief that the Provos had killed their son. Immediately, a new set of briefings began: Paul was a smuggler, he had lost a load of diesel near Lisburn, he was involved with a criminal gang based in Culloville who had killed Vol. Keith Rogers of the Provo IRA a couple of years before, he was generally involved with bad people, etc. Conor Murphy and Gerry Adams took a version of this fairy story public early on the Monday. A Garda spokesman rubbished it in the Irish Times on Tuesday, but Sinn Fein spokesmen kept pushing it with the help of a particularly obnoxious Provo website based in Dromintee. Then the journalists started arriving in Cullyhanna for the funeral and the utter sickness of this smear campaign was quickly obvious. The forensic cover-up with the sprayer at the site by the Provos and the political cover-up instigated by Sinn Fein are truly, literally inextricably linked. The political cover-up was torn to shreds in the Dail by Dermot Ahern and Bertie Ahern and the Gardai in December and the Gardai put it to bed in March 2008 when they said:
    ‘The gardai wish to stress that they are not investigating any criminal activities, or individuals or groups involved in such activities, in the context of the Quinn murder inquiries’. In other words, there is no other gang. So who does that leave that could pull a job like that described above? Just the gang that Paul had fallen out with. Circumstancial certainly, but powerful nonetheless and remember that many a man danced on the end of a rope on the basis of circumstancial evidence. Now with regard to the Garda/PSNI investigation, Sinn Fein objected to all the arrests (and there have been 18 on both sides of the border, hardly mass sweeps). That amounts to objecting to the whole investigation. The message was clear: go the the police if you have information, but don’t finger our lads or we will get very angry’. And of course everyone who got lifted was an ardent peace processor whose good name was being destroyed by shadowy people with a political agenda. Now this is where you come in. They desperately need people like you to retail this sort of bollocks to new readers who may have forgotten the brutal murderous facts of this case. So just to get this right. Paul was killed on the instigation of the Cullyhanna Provo unit with the approval and assistance of South Armagh Command up to and including command staff officers. Some quite important people were in the hayshed. They didn’t mean to kill him, just to leave him a quadruple paraplegic as they said to him. These important people made a bollocks of it. That is why Sinn Fein is going to such extraordinary lengths, and suffering serious political damage, in order to protect them. And you fell for it.

  • Sean

    Like I said predisposed to believe

  • i wonder

    Sean hasnt fallen for anything i think Sean is predisposed to believe and that he likes his senario for all we know poor Sean might have been in the shed quite innocently of course getting a few bails of hay and just thought hey that looks like fun some guys playing bumps adaisy.

  • Sean

    I will fully admit to being predisposed not to believe unionist whingers

    For the record Sean has never been in a cow shed in nIreland or Ireland…. ever

    Sean has been in lots of cowsheds in Canada, where he always lived. Sean has mucked out lots of cow sheds in Canada, his prefered implement is a 1969 Caterpillar 955K Track type loader, its finely balanced combination of power and agility has never been equaled in his expierience

  • Pancho’s Horse

    RDR’s clinical facts and assured tones must have come from a reliable source. I believe that they meant to give him a severe beating but the insult to his sister etc is a red herring.

  • Skintown Lad

    Oh just a severe beating Pancho? Oh that’s fine. Not really something to have a poke at the Provos about then. I never liked Paul Quinn anyway.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    The point I make is that you can all flay the Provos using Quinn/McCartney as whips but can somehow stomach, without comment, the atrocious treatment and beatings, even up to murder by the Axis troops in countries where they have no business being. But you prefer to poke the Provos now that it’s safe to do so.

  • exile

    [i]But you prefer to poke the Provos now that it’s safe to do so. [/i]

    It’s safe to do that now, is it? I wonder if the Quinn and McCartney families would agree..

  • i wonder

    The point I make is that you can all flay the Provos using Quinn/McCartney as whips but can somehow stomach, without comment, the atrocious treatment and beatings, even up to murder by the Axis troops in countries where they have no business being. But you prefer to poke the Provos now that it’s safe to do so.

    Posted by Pancho’s Horse on Nov 19, 2009 @ 08:16 PM
    Dear Pancho’s Harse A little bit of news for you two wrongs dont make a right.The provos murdered Quinn you can rant and twist all you want but thats what the man in the street believes and so do I.
    Submit word (methods)now who would have known about all those methods of concealing evidence.Wait for it im gonna make a guess let me see south armagh phone a friend no dont need to IT WAS THE PROVIES YEAAAAA.

  • Pancho’s horse

    Well, i wonder, any tube that watches US tv knows about boiler suits and surgical gloves and I don’t know what liquid was sprayed around. Do you? YEAAAAA

  • paddy

    to pancho sheep dip it wuz sprayed wif.the same stuff slabbs girl sprays under her arms wen shes going to to the local dance. her nickname in cross is mary fly killer

  • granni trixie

    Sean,Panchos Horse and a few others: your posts expose me to a moral world view that I find it hard to beleive exists – its so illogical. To repeat myself – for a crowd of men (presumably) to kick a guy to death is wrong – if he was a criminal or not is beside the point – and though this is not said ‘to have a poke’ at the provos, I do not think that there is anything wrong in doing so. The two or not exclusive.

  • Sean


    My moral world view is that there is no proof provided anywhere that it was done by provos other than the opinions of eejits in front of microphones….. or keyboards. Show some evidence and I will jump on the bandwagon but until you do, do not complain because I don’t

  • Pancho’s Horse

    …….and from my point of view, Paul Quinn was beaten so badly that he died, by cowards. I don’t profess to know the ins and outs of it but I can recognize scavengers when I see them. Not brave enough to hunt themselves but brave enough if they think the quarry is wounded. The McCartney affair was just a pub brawl -no more no less.

  • Sean

    Agreed Pancho but the provos screwed up on McCartney when they tried to provide cover for an out of control thug

  • paddy

    sean do u want to explain the bobby tohill case these thugs were found guilty by the courts of LAW 4 men .sorry 4 waxxxxxs couldnt get bobby knocked out. to suffer the same fate as young quinn. thon dirtbird maskey said it was a bar room brawl.catch yer self on sean or is ure real name spike

  • Red Diesel

    These yah-boo postings are getting us nowhere. There is a very real problem here that murder was done and the cover-up is perverting a major political party on which we depend for stable devolved government. The belief of the Quinn family that Provos murdered their son should have been irrelevant to the murder investigation and to political attitudes to that investigation. It is otherwise unheard of for an MP to respond to a murder of a constituent by slandering the victim, but never mind the finer feelings of the family for a minute. Where does it leave the rest of us if we become victims? I have sons who sometimes lose the run of themselves. Do I have to accept that someone can pass sentende of death on them for some real or imagined slight? Do I then have to accept that investigation of their killing will be dogged by a political campaign of denigration? We have also had notice served over the last week or so that it does not end there, that Sinn Fein will turn the weight of its spin machine against any investigation of Provos for anything. We have two Stormont ministers hinting broadly that the SOCA investigation of Sean Hughes would not have happened if we had devolution of policing and justice – how’s that for a confidence-building measure in the nationalist community never mind the unionist community.