NI left out of rebates

In the Queen’s Speech, a new Energy Bill gives the regulator Ofgen fresh powers to drive down prices and win more rebates for customers. It applies to England, Wales and Scotland. We know NI has separate arrangements. Any sign of new relief there?

  • wild turkey


    i think the NI equivalent to ofgem is ofreg.

    having had a cursory look at the ofreg website, it is unclear what govt department at Stormont would have the lead role in introducing primary legislation comparable to that outlined in the queens speech.

    any ideas?

    off to check out the websites of the bookies. if i can get odds at or more than a 1000 to 1 that similar legislation will be introduced AND passed in NI assembly, i’m in there.

    ah, how many pieces of primary legislation have been passed at stormont since 2007?

  • The Raven

    I believe there was one pertaining to taxi licences or some such…