Not a patch on Catherine

Why am I supposed to be stunned when an anonymous hooker turns out to be a research chemist? How dare she take the name of Bunuel’s great movie in vain, starring Catherine Deneuve – my generation’s intro to the eroticism of class( with its typical Marxist sub-theme of course) . Good for the Christmas sales of the revised, named edition, I suppose. Let me tell you from thumbing through in Waterstone’s…oops! Broken connection….

  • CW

    An anonymously written blog which turned into a best-selling book. Perhaps some of the contributors of this parish should take note by relating the gory details of their seedy exploits – it might just pay off!

  • Brit

    At the risk of being ungallant she didnt really look like what one might have expected

  • willis


    I can only assume that you look as good as your namesake.

  • Rory Carr

    It’s hardly fair, Brian, to say that Dr. Magnanti is “not a patch on Catherine”, as, apart from Catherine herself, no woman is, was or ever will be a patch on Catherine. To say otherwise would only run the risk of provoking war with France, a terrible prospect indeed.

    Of course Grace Kelly was rather lovely and Selma Hayek at least is still alive. Boy, is she alive!

    Anyway, must go, I have to rush off to an appointment with Mlles Fifi and Trixibelle, my personal scientific research assistants (formerly ‘Personal Masseuses to the more distinguished mature gentleman’).

  • Brit

    Willis, I’m no great shakes in that department but then again I dont sell my body for money!

    Brit though – what a woman in her day and scrubs up pretty well for a woman of a certain age.

  • Driftwood

    Britt’s finest hour was ‘The Landlord’s daughter’ torturing poor troubled protestant soul Edward Woodward in ‘The Wicker Man’. A scene I will have to revisit tonight thanks to this thread.