New SDLP website goes live

After extensive time in the making, the SDLP’s new website has gone live.

  • Babeuf

    Looks surprisingly similar to the Sinn Fein website…

  • GGN


    Is it not a little hypocritical to campaign for an Irish Language Act and then to have a monolingual website?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Will the party members soon be going live as well?

  • Dave

    At least they put the navigation controls in Irish in the Irish language section, GGN. I assume they’re waiting for a British state grant to hire an Irish speaker to convert the content into the Irish language too. Still, be grateful for such tokenism…

  • Seymour Major


    That is not quite correct. See this page

  • Coll Ciotach

    GGN – I can see the site in gaelic – look below the search button.

    However it should be more prominent.

    Also the link to the parades policy is broken

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Coll Ciotach,

    it is only the names of the links that are in Irish – it is a costly busniess uless you have keen volunteers keeping it up to date in 2 languages.

  • GGN


    I withdraw my comments.

    I did not see that option, which is of course ‘brèagach’ as Sammy has pointed out.

    However it is neither better nor worse than any other (non-unionist) political party in Ireland.

  • Dave

    Some pages are in Irish, as Major managed to find one. However, the main links to the Irish section lead only to navigation controls in Irish and content in English.

  • slug

    “it is only the names of the links that are in Irish – it is a costly busniess uless you have keen volunteers keeping it up to date in 2 languages”

    Indeed-and what is the need given that everyone can read it in English?

  • A

    I don’t think it’s like the Sinn Fein site. They just use an out-of-the-box WordPress template which anyone can setup and modify for free.

    You can tell the new SDLP website has been custom built and quite a bit of work has went into creating it. It’s a lot more like Obama’s 08 campaign website or something like

    It’s a big improvement on their previous website, with much better navigation and style, and excellent to see them incorporating social networking and media.

  • Rory Carr

    “…and quite a bit of work has went[sic] into creating it.

    Well doggone! Who’d have believed it?

  • YelloSmurf


    I withdraw my comments.

    I did not see that option, which is of course ‘brèagach’ as Sammy has pointed out.

    However it is neither better nor worse than any other (non-unionist) political party in Ireland.

    It’s a lot better than (I honestly can’t believe that they paid someone for that upgrade).

  • I think it is really good, definitely an improvement. A lot of work has gone into so I am glad it is better.

  • Darren J. Prior

    They deserve to be commended for it i leith na Gaeilge. I don’t know realistically if we and they can expect to do anymore on this. They are too many link pages in English. It would look strange to translate a few of them in Irish and have the rest in English. Unless the party has an Irish language translator in the party who is happy to translate it all no more will be done in the medium term. It would cost thousands to translate it all i.e. the information template in Irish. And some people in the party would complain on a tactical level. The best changes happen from the bottom up. When there are more second-level gaelscoileanna in Northern Ireland there will be, even if only a few, more/potential more SDLP members. The day will come when the SDLP, Fine Gael and Labour have totally bilingual websites (probably excluding the press releases at least for the next 20 years+) but there aren’t enough Irish speakers generally including in the parties and the three of them are more serious about politics than some others, hence they have more information on their sites.

  • New Irelander

    Its v good. Web 2.0 and fully intergrated with social newtworks and other sharing platforms. It’s miles ahead of SF’s.

  • Expenses111


    Your a SDLP supporter. Thought that.

    Website looks average. Look at the picture of Alex Attwood. Friendly or fierce!!

    What about Margaret Ritchie’s. It states “As Minister she has introduced the much lauded Winter Fuel Payment for the vulnerable and in keeping with the party’s history in housing as embarked on an ambitious and innovative social and affordable housing strategy.”

    What a complete joke. Is this the winter fuel payments she was ready to issue when she didnt have the money or legislation in place??

  • Pancho’s Horse

    The Bebo brigade must be freaking out. I can feel palpitations myself …… AND web2.0, wow!!

  • Expenses111,

    I’ve never hid that fact, the regulars here know it. You, however, seem more active in SDLP threads than I am for some reason that I cannot yet fathom. Even if I wasn’t I still think it’s a nice website, the old one was awful and needed a revamp.

  • Greenflag

    Who is the chap with the purple shirt wearing the bling on page 3 standing between the two ladies ?

    Web sites are not votes but they at least give an impression that the political party concerned are alive and if not kicking at least still breathing .

    But I’m a little upset -not a mention of repartition 🙁

  • Expenses111


    I would love to tell you the reasons why I am not an SDLP fan but sadly if I did Mick would remove it. He doesnt believe in free speech

  • LabourNIman

    well, it’s good to see that they will allow people to actually join the party online.

    It’s a good site tho, NI parties have never used the internet to it’s advantage. Maybe the sdlp are catching on…

  • Rargaret Mitchie

    Expenses 111 – Go on, tell us why you aren’t a supporter of the SDLP!

    Sure we’ll have enough time to read it before Mick takes away your human right to make a show of yourself…

    I take it you’d rather see pensioners freeze than annoy the finance minister?

  • iluvni

    “The Good Friday Agreement realised the SDLP’s vision of an Agreed Ireland. But, as a nationalist party, the SDLP’s goal has not only been to secure an Agreed Ireland, but also to go further and achieve a United Ireland”

    …and wreck the agreed Ireland they claim to have achieved.
    So, the Belfast (whats this Good Friday nonsense) Agreement isnt a settlement then, there’s always going to be the push for the next step from nationalism.
    What deceit.

  • Dave

    “What deceit.”

    iluvni, we already have an agreed Ireland, and we in Ireland don’t agree to dismantle it and replace it with a replica of Northern Ireland. The only folks that the SDLP and the Shinners are deceiving are their own supporters. The internal settlement had to be presented to them as being transitional rather than permanent but only until such time as they were integrated into the UK and accepted the status quo. After they had drawn their support from that base for a few decades, it takes time to let it fade into the background and then fade away. But fade away it will as you folks get down to the business of making your constitutional settlement work.