How much more will Sinn Fein take from the DUP?

Last week I brought you a DUP ‘ insider’s ‘ view.

On Monday — A Republican ‘insider’s’ view.

Don’t miss it..


  • igor

    “Always hold the and of nurse
    For fear of finding something worse”

  • igor

    Or even better:

    There was a Boy whose name was Jim;
    His Friends were very good to him.
    They gave him Tea, and Cakes, and Jam,
    And slices of delicious Ham,
    And Chocolate with pink inside
    And little Tricycles to ride,
    And read him Stories through and through,
    And even took him to the Zoo–
    But there it was the dreadful Fate
    Befell him, which I now relate.

    You know–or at least you ought to know,
    For I have often told you so–
    That Children never are allowed
    To leave their Nurses in a Crowd;
    Now this was Jim’s especial Foible,
    He ran away when he was able,
    And on this inauspicious day
    He slipped his hand and ran away!

    He hadn’t gone a yard when–Bang!
    With open Jaws, a lion sprang,
    And hungrily began to eat
    The Boy: beginning at his feet.
    Now, just imagine how it feels
    When first your toes and then your heels,
    And then by gradual degrees,
    Your shins and ankles, calves and knees,
    Are slowly eaten, bit by bit.
    No wonder Jim detested it!
    No wonder that he shouted “Hi!”

    The Honest Keeper heard his cry,
    Though very fat he almost ran
    To help the little gentleman.
    “Ponto!” he ordered as he came
    (For Ponto was the Lion’s name),
    “Ponto!” he cried, with angry Frown,
    “Let go, Sir! Down, Sir! Put it down!”
    The Lion made a sudden stop,
    He let the Dainty Morsel drop,
    And slunk reluctant to his Cage,
    Snarling with Disappointed Rage.
    But when he bent him over Jim,
    The Honest Keeper’s Eyes were dim.
    The Lion having reached his Head,
    The Miserable Boy was dead!

    When Nurse informed his Parents, they
    Were more Concerned than I can say:–
    His Mother, as She dried her eyes,
    Said, “Well–it gives me no surprise,
    He would not do as he was told!”
    His Father, who was self-controlled,
    Bade all the children round attend
    To James’s miserable end,
    And always keep a-hold of Nurse
    For fear of finding something worse.

    But who is nurse, who is Jim and where is the Lion?

  • skullion


    You want to get out a bit more.Or leave off the gear.One or the other.

  • Panic, These Ones Likes It Up Em.

    Just out of curiosity what are Sinn Féin options to but the political boot into the DUP.

    To my mind they have to divide Unionism as much as possible.

    Mind you Unionists are doing a pretty good job themselves.

    Unionist divisions and Unionist Intransigence are pretty good tools for Sinn Féin.

    I suppose the best people to do down Unionism are Unionist politicians. Probably just as well to leave them at it.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    re. “On Monday—A Republican ‘insider’s’ view.”

    Thou shalt not bear false witness via the devilish-internety-thingy against thy political foe on the Sabbath?

  • Yokel

    He needs time to make it up, give the guy a chance.

  • Mark McGregor


    I think it is about time you and others started referring to Sinn Féin as nationalists or constitutional nationalists. The days of them being republican are sadly long gone.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    The ‘republican’ brand covers mainstream republicans (sf) and the disser variety – so perhaps Eamonn will be speaking to one of the later rather than the former.

    If you are going to judge the republicanism of the two varieties on the basis of which will make/are making the greater contribution to the ending of parition then the vast majority of republicans (all varieties) would go with the former.


    How much? The Shinners have been taking the full John Holmes length and girth from the DUP for the past decade and their eyes haven’t watered yet. Throughout the entire Peace Process Sinn Fein has bent over and been most welcoming & accommodating for the DUP and will do so for ever and a day because the Shinner’s lust for ministerial power undercuts EVERYTHING. The Provos have given up their guns so what was Martin’s ‘had enough’ words all about last week? The only bargaining chip that Republicans EVER had were guns and now they are gone the DUP is running the show because they know that violence, or even the threat of from Sinn Fein, is a total NO NO.

  • Rory Carr

    Oooh-er, Mark. Your remarks above on who is and who is not a republican were just ever so…well, just ever so, dear.

    Do I detect a hint of the green-eyed monster or is that just your new mascara, sweetie?

  • fair_deal

    “How much more will Sinn Fein take from the DUP?”

    LOL. Planet provo in full effect I see. It’s the Shinners that need a yes not the DUP not the other way around. St Andrews changed the dynamic.

  • joan

    so it’s monday night, nearly eight o’clock – where’s the beef eamon?