SNP reverse serious but not fatal

Glasgow north east was an amazingly good win for Labour in the present climate. Labour learned the lesson of past defeats by dropping the pose of the party of main power and attacking the SNP as the Scottish government. But on a 32% turnout, talk of a rollback of the SNP is premature. Relief is felt that the BNP didn’t cross a psychological threshold after all and pip the unloved Tories into third place, the Conservatives managing to save their deposit with just over 5% of the vote and the BNP losing theirs by a whisker. Pressure will mount on Alex to scrap the 2010 independence referendum and sniff the air again after the UK general election. With Scottish Labour still lacking clear direction and charisma, it would be a big mistake to write him off. However we can fairly conclude that the SNP’s brilliant illusion of the inevitability of separatism has taken a blow.

  • English Republic

    Perhaps the low turnout was a result of peoples realisation that in Scotland it is your MSP that will deal with most matters that concern how you are governed. A Scottish MP’s main purpose is to act in the interests of their party in matters that affect England. Some foreign MP’s do the right thing and abstain from meddling in Englands affairs. Scottish Labour MP’s on the other hand…..

  • cut_the_bull

    I have been told by a Glaswegian that Glaswegians are particularly unhappy at the way SNP ministers are routing money and employment away from Glasgow.
    He said that many in Glasgow believe money, employment and development was being pushed into places such as Edinburgh and Dundee were the SNP have strong support.

  • borderline

    “I have been told by a Glaswegian that Glaswegians are particularly unhappy….”

    Unbelieveable. Unhappy Wegies….

  • cut_the_bull

    i find them them very happy and friendly people

  • tartandisneyland

    I’m an SNP supporter so bear with me if my leanings show – but this info may be of use in deciding how the recent byelection went….

    Regular readers will know I`ve made a couple of posts on the, as yet unsubstantiated, comments/reports/posts that there had been a huge spike in the number of postal vote applications in days leading up to the cut-off point.

    Well I have had it confirmed that in the final days that postal votes could be applied for that there were in fact around 1100 that were applied for.

    Figures are Approx*… Read more

    360 – 26/10/09

    320 – 27/10/09

    410 – 28/10/09

    So of the 1800 total increase in the number of postal votes for this by-election 1100 were made in the dying days and that the overwhelming majority of that 1100 increase can be attributed by applications being handed in by Labour.

    After a couple of days of postal ballot opening the rejection rates were running at 13%. I explored in a previous post the reason that postals get refused (have a wee look). There are 6000 postal votes in total…so at a 50% turnout there could be well over 300 postal ballots rejected if the rate of rejection was consistent across all the days the postals were being opened.

    I think it could be time that the postal and proxy vote system was reassessed to ensure that a) people who may not be able to get the polls can still vote in a secure manner; and b) that people can have confidence that there is no scope for vote tampering in the electoral system.

    One of the questions that would have to arise in such a reassessment is should political parties be permitted to being part of the delivery of recruitment of postal votes? I don`t have the answer as there may well be benefits to having politicos trying to drum up postals.

    But if the system is flawed we must reform the system.
    what happens when you put two revolutionary socialists together, alone, in the same room?

    Answer: you create the objective conditions for a massive doctrinal split that will retard the development of socialism for 100 years!

    To illustrate the truth behind this assertion, consider reader dear this extract from the return at the Springburn count: … Read more
    Louise Daid, Socialist Labour Party, 47 votes. Kevin McVey, Scottish Socialist Party, 152. Tommy Sheridan, Solidarity, 794.

    Not a glowing performance one has to admit, but aggregated, that vote would’ve at least come close to that of the BNP candidate.
    Factor in the Green vote,(332) and again, in aggregate, the non-Labour left vote starts to look a bit more respectable.
    Or at least not catastrophically bad.

    OK, OK, I know all the arguments around why you can’t just carry-over votes between parties, but still.


    Anyway, retailing all of the above provides me with an excuse to stick this link in to, in my not especially humble opinion,the best bit of political satire ever committed to celluloid bar none.

    And no, we’re not taking a fucking vote on it.

    there are currently three votes in dennistoun being investigated by police for fraud.

    the numbers in holyrood always mean that if the unionist partys stick together it will not even get thru – it was always going to have to be two go’s.
    hopefully if the SNP get re elected with even a small majority – the poeple can finally be asked.

    poor turnout all over – last place i checked was possil parish church – 194 voters out of a possible 1200!

    20000 voters from about 62000 in an area which has about double that in adult population – but most are either hiding from poll tax / council tax / debt collectors by taking their name of the election register or are still going thru immigration.

    I’m Just A Sore Looser!

    Letting Politics get in the way of the people or is it the other way round ah cannae mind!…

    I met openly stated catholics who were voting BNP last night to get rid of the “darkees!”

    I met people who thought holyrood dealt with immigration.

    I met people who said it did’nt matter what Labour Do, i will always vote for them!

    I met people who said I dont want scotland to be independent in Europe! hahahahah unbelievable –

    This was not poor folks, druggies or alkies or whatever –

    This was middle aged men and their wives with their own houses and cars and jobs etc.

    I grew up in the area, I know it well and it was just saddening to see and hear.

    I wonder if the schools in the area actually tell the children they are living in the worst conditions the UK has to offer?

    wee giggles….

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    won’t bother adressing my posts to you brian as you never reply to me.

    >>..However we can fairly conclude that the SNP’s brilliant illusion of the inevitability of separatism has taken a blow.<< Context man context, don't be pittin this in yir wish list tae santa so soon. This is the safest of Labour seats, should the SNP have won it would have been of the magnitude of two glesga East's and that was massive! labour did not even attempt to discuss policy from Westminster at all, they relied on the "oor guy is fae here" shite and that was about where the truisms stopped. Well Bain is from Springburn but lives in London mostly but it is labour we are talkin aboot. Anyhow we also had the "SNP hate Glasgow" nonsense, making up bias from the Edinburgh/Holyrood scenario, effectively turning themselves into an opposition party despite being incumbent in that seat for 74 years and Westminster for 12. The weird Jim Murphy, SOS for Scotland said on tonights news that the people of glasgow NE were sending a message to the SNP government(in Holyrood) that they were to stop ripping off Glasgow. I am perhaps in a parrallel universe, but this man is certifiable, got to be. In his parrallel universe an SNP Holyrood government who has no representation in the seat and until the recent adopting of pr voting for Glasgow city council, have no councillers. Are somehow to blame for the deprivation, unemployment and total lack of aspiration for the hereditary/genetic labour voters. Doctor! As I have mentioned on Oneils excellent blog, this man is dangerous. There seems to be no limit to the utter bullshit he is prepared to spread, hoping some of it sticks. Of course the castigating of the SNP candidate was done early, he was exposed as a Taig for what purpose we can only speculate. Incredibly bain was 'exposed' as one also, the telly mentioned it just before his victory speech by way of informing us that he went to the rock, aka St. Rochs in the auld(Irish) Garn'gad. There needs to be a long game for the SNP in seats like this, the only rep is a counciller called McAllister who is under police protection. He is a long time fighter for the area against the crime families that plague the area. I know the type of people that voted Labour in, I come from the same stock and the unthinking vote Labour mentality is still strong in my extended family. i don't know what the polling was like in the very Catholic parts like the auld garn'gad encompassing Royston, Blackhill, Provanmill etc but I bet these are the highest for labour. luckily Glasgow East has shown that the SNP can win in traditional labour disproportionately Catholic areas. The key is having locals inbedded, and in my view we had virtually no-one in that part of the city.