The struggle for the future – Murdoch v Google

Who in the next 10 years will be more influential – content providers like Murdoch or “ aggregators” like Google? In a survey I took part in, it’s a near dead heat but the trend is unmistakable.

YouGovStone polled 1416 members of the YouGovStone panel of influential people between 26th October and 2nd November. YouGov also conducted a parallel survey of the general public, using a national representative sample from the YouGov panel.

Who is more influential, and who will be in the future?
68% of our YGS panellists thought that Rupert Murdoch and his companies were more influential than Google at present, with 20% thinking Google wielded more influence. However, most thought Google had a more positive influence on people’s lives and, if they had to choose between the two, would prefer Google to be the more influential.
Looking ahead 10 years, 68% expected Google and its companies to be the more influential, with only 13% expecting Rupert Murdoch (or his successor) and their companies to stay on top. These views were largely echoed by the general public.

Aggregation vs content
Asked about whether aggregators or content providers would wield the most influence in the future, our panellists were divided. 46% of influentials thought content providers would be more influential, 42% the aggregators.