Young People’s Health in Great Britain and Ireland

NUI Galway have co-authored a report, with the World Health Organisation, on childhood in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. They find that children in Ireland are healthier and happier than those in England, Scotland & Wales.

Per the press release :-

Irish children are more likely than their UK counterparts to report high life satisfaction, and less likely to report feeling low or having poor body image. In this country, children are more likely to engage in physical activity and less likely to spend excessive time on computers or on games console use. They are also most likely to live with both parents and in bigger households, to report that they are able to talk to their fathers about things that bother them and to spend time with friends after school. The report also highlights the lack of data on sexual behaviour among Irish adolescents.

The report can be downloaded from here

I certainly found this surprising –

Young people in England were most likely to report drinking beer at least weekly (11.2%), followed by Wales (10.2%), Scotland (8.0%) and Ireland (3.8%).

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