“We recognise that the actions of the club board have compromised the integrity of the league”

After Derry City Football Club’s ejection from the League of Ireland, over allegations of undisclosed secondary contracts for players, the club’s directors held a news conference. They denounced the FAI hearing as “a witch hunt”, declared that “a hidden agenda exists within the FAI in relation to Derry City Football Club”, and that they were “currently exploring any possibility of any type of appeal procedure within the FAI or via a court of law in Dublin or Belfast.” Last night the chairman of the club resigned, along with three board members, leaving the Professional Footballers’ Association of Ireland to explain on behalf of the club’s players.

The position is that at the beginning of the contract period, each player was presented with a document on Derry City headed paper which contained income amounts which we each individually agreed with the club. With only one exception, no player knowingly signed a second document. It now appears that, what the club had misrepresented to us as a blank registration form containing no figures, terms or conditions was, in fact, a second document upon which different figures were subsequently entered and lodged with the league. The full terms of this contract were never made available to the players and we fully believed that the wages which we were being paid were disclosed to the league in accordance with normal practice.

The Irish Times has the PFAI statement, along with full statements former Derry City FC chairman, Pat McDaid, and the FAI.

FAI Statement

The Football Association of Ireland tonight (November 10) confirmed that following a meeting in Abbotstown, the players of Derry City Football Club have put on public record the fact that they had signed two contracts, the standard player’s contract and a separate contract on club headed paper.

As of today, the FAI has accepted these players’ assurances that they were not personally aware of any financial irregularities at the club. The FAI also recognise the difficulties that have been created by the club in not paying players for the last eight/nine weeks at Derry City FC, and the impact that has on each player and his immediate family.

The FAI has also confirmed that it intends to send a delegation to Derry, on Thursday, with a view to beginning the process of returning the club to stability, now that the Club Chairman has accepted his untenable position.

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  • borderline

    Ah, the old Document Number Two scenario.

    Prompted a Civil War once upon a time.

  • Brendan,Belfast

    Such a lot of yapping about Derry City Football club. The media coverage is way OTT. Who really gives a damn??

  • iluvni

    I’m sure Dungannon Swifts give a damn.

  • brendan,belfast

    iluvni, i don’t know what you mean. But don’t bother explaining, I don’t care either.

  • Pete Baker


    If you really don’t care..

    Don’t comment.

  • pól

    Derry City owe Dunganon Swifts £30,000. The whole thing has been a total fudge. We definitely haven’t heard the last of this one. Does anyone really believe the players signed blank pieces of paper? Including two of our players who are Chartered Accountants by profession?

  • Brendan,Belfast

    Pete – i feel entitled to comment on the dispropotionate media attention this affair has received.

  • skullion

    I agree Brendan.Derry City seem to have had quite a few high profile matches over the years to raise club funds.If the idiots running the club can’t manage the finances properly then tough.If they’ve broken the rules then sling them out.It may be harsh on the supporters but unfortunately thats too bad.

  • W Frazer

    They may take action in Belfast or Dublin. Why would they want to go to the courts of a foreign country?