McGuinness: if Policing and Justice slips past Christmas we are in deep trouble…

Martin McGuinness has thrown down the gauntlet for Peter Robinson on the return of policing and justice powers. The deputy first minister said: “What we have to do is lead. It is not easy leading. Leadership is a lonely post. We need to confront those people who would wish to hold us back.” The deputy First Minster went on to say: “What is absolutely an imperative is to have an agreement on the transfer of power and a date for the transfer of power before Christmas and I have to say if it slips past Christmas we are in deep trouble.”

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  • heard it all before

    Yoho. And if Martin doesn’t get what he wants? Go back to doing what he does best- murdering female census collectors because they don’t share his religious views?

  • Harry

    Is this Sinn Fein threatening to quit the executive and hold a fresh Assembly poll?

    Could be quite interesting if a fresh assembly poll was held. This is how I see the viewpoints of the main parties:

    Sinn Fein: could relish a fresh poll. Chance to continue closing the SDLP coffin – with a leader who ain’t going to be there for much longer, and in the midst of a leadership election – great chance for Sinn Fein. Also could lead to becoming biggest party in N Ireland – and the First Ministership!

    DUP: Uh-oh-uh-oh! Will look to defend seats from the TUV – and could lose First Ministerialship. Could be a awful election if held – there is still much animosity out there among traditional unionists – all I can say is that having criticised the UUP all those years, I’m glad that the DUP can experience the same! Hope they lose their position as biggest party!

    SDLP: Bad times for an election. Could be a continued stream of support to Sinn Fein and slowly slowly the no. of MLAs are dwindling.

    UUP: Question – would they team up as UCUNF or as UUP? If the former, then will be a headache in agreeing joint candidates. Still, a real chance to offer something new – but I think the “heart of the union” appeal really is just for Westminster and not for Stormont. If just the UUP, could we see a continual decline? Or will alliance with the Tories win back voters who deserted them for Alliance – as they seem to be a committed to a new future?

    Alliance: Could be trouble. Did very well in 2007, but that was due to UUP decline. UUP stabalisation and better management of no. of candidates in each constituency, could UUP take Alliance’s S Belfast MLA back? Could be a bit of a stopper in the alliance momentum

    TUV: Allister will relish a poll to get any elected representatives in. He will no doubt take a seat in N Antrim – but will this prevent him from winning the seat at Westminster, since he is so anti-double jobbing?

    PUP: Can Purvis keep hold of the E Belfast seat? Perhaps, IMO. The PUP show their difference from other unionist parties with support of Bill of Rights. Working class UUP supporters may switch to PUP. Certainly a chance for PUP – she has better name recognition and appears to be different from other unionist parties.

    Dissident republican parties: With the rise of dissident republicans, could affiliated parties win seats. Possibly one, unlikely more than that – but it will really put the cat among the Sinn Fein pigeons if they do.

  • Panic, These Ones Likes It Up Them.

    Does it ever occur to Unionists that the deal that they have now is the best deal that they are going to get.

    Going back to direct rule will only ever be temporary and the Nationalist/Republican hand only grows stronger with Unionist intransigence and demographics et al.

    Unionists have manouvred themselves out on a limb.
    They better hope its a sturdy one.

  • fair_deal
  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Can easily trump that.

    Previously it was not in a political lifetime not its not until after Christmas.

  • “we are in deep trouble”

    And who’s threatening Comical Marty? The likes of Sean Hughes?

  • LabourNIman

    ‘Does it ever occur to Unionists that the deal that they have now is the best deal that they are going to get.’

    And what?

    The fact is only one party wants P&J devolved, they are threatening to bring the assembly down… oh but wait we can’t call the shinners wreckers because they might give us a dirty look.

    At the end of the day the dupers and the shinners have agreed that it will happen.

    SF’s gloating and pressure will lead them into a situation where they will have a months worth of victory talk and 4 years of stale mate as no unionist party will work with them for love nor money.

  • paddy

    in deep trouble.hes in deep trouble with sean hughes n co because he was supposed to get pj transferred in may.that way he could have wired conor murphy off to wire his best mate off about the up coming raids. this is what they are going mad about to get pj transferred.

  • Padraig

    Paisley sits on the Privy Council and privy to every dirty State Secret going, I can’t imagine any position wiring someone in any better than that. Hell shall of course have frozen of about ten feet before a Republican ever even smells a seat on the Privy Council.

    As well as that we have seen down the tears a veritable football crowd of RUC, UDR, PSNI,screws and Civil Servants beating a path to the DUP doors to tell and earful.

    The real concern here that SF will be getting an earful of the secrets once only reserved for Unionist ears. Distressing but hey, thats democracy.

  • ulsterfan

    With views expressed by Murphy and Gildernew P&J has been set back indefinitely with good reason.
    Some years ago Unionists asked if SF were house trained and ready to play a part in our democracy.
    The jury is still out and I am not optimistic a favourable verdict will be given.
    If they really want devolution of these powers they should be more careful with their public pronouncements.
    Otherwise confidence among the unionist population can not grow hence the stalemate.

  • Billy


    It depends what you mean by stalemate.

    The actions of the UK govt in providing a massive financial package in these times of Crisis (see yesterdays UK trade deficit figures!) shows how much they want this done.

    Even Cameron has already stated in public that he will uphold this deal if (when!) he is elected.

    Hilary Clinton came to show that the US govt want this done.

    Unionists seem to think that they can block this and still continue to get massive amounts of money from the British govt ad infinitem.

    While the DUP can block this, they don’t seem to realise (or choose not to) that it is they who are seem as the problem here NOT SF, they will simply reinforce the already widely held view of them (outside NI Unionism) as bigotted Ulster Nationalists.

    Whatever the repurcussions are – even an assembly collapse – be sure of one thing. Outside of the miniscule world of NI Unionism, the blame will be placed (by the UK govt, US govt and everyone else who matters) where it deserves to be – right at the door of the DUP.

  • igor

    who is ‘we’ in ‘we are in deep trouble’?

  • Dev

    Ulsterfan: ‘Some years ago Unionists asked if SF were house trained and ready to play a part in our democracy’

    I wasn’t aware NI unionists held the title deeds on democracy

  • Billy


    That’s a very good point about utilising current resources and technology more efficiently as opposed to just “throwing bodies” at the problem.

    I’m afraid that a lot of people’s views on this topic aren’t based on more effective policing – they just see the abolition (or retention) of the FTR as something to goad the “other side” with.

  • Billy, I think you are posting that on the wrong thread.

  • Dave

    It might be on the wrong thread, Nevin, but the last sentence is probably the truest statement on this one. Two nations, one state… and all that.

  • Billy


    I am indeed. Thanks for pointing that out.