Backlash against Sun favours Brown

Roy Greenslade says most it. Even Mrs Janes’ brother has sympathy for Gordon. Mind you, if sympathy turns to pity, I’m not sure it does him any good. ITV’s 10 O’Clock News last night best exposed the flaws in Gordon that dog him constantly- the ability to come clean immediately and admit mistakes in full. Bad as his writing is, it seems clear to me he did misspell Mrs “Janes.” and altered “Jamie” Yet he refused to admit it. It was the small things that made Mrs Janes snap, rather than her harrowing belief rightly or wrongly that her son bled to death when he might have been saved. For Gordon the rot began in 2007 when he refused to admit he bottled an election because a few polls were bad. People see through the reflexive lies and smell the weakness. Coming a bit cleaner – as he did in his monthly news conference though still not fully – will serve him better. Was he responsible for denying the army enough helicopters to save money or did the whole establishment, generals included, fail to realise the extent of the commitment until too late, making Gordon the fall guy? I still don’t know.

  • Peadar O’Donnell

    There is an irony here. Sun hacks were the only ones with the guts to argue for the Iraq adventure, when most of new labour bottled out in Feb 2003. But Murdoch, a US citizen, avoids tax massively by routing the profits earned through warmongering through offshore tax havens. Maybe if he felt so much for the endangered soldiers and bereaved families he could make a contribution. Or is the Poppy on the masthead purely for decoration?

  • alan56

    Does greenslade still write for Republican News?

  • borderline

    Greenslade may say it, but IMO Walker explains it best of all, and with no little eloquence.

  • LabourNIman

    Murdochs media outlet is having the same problems in the US – the obama’s administration is refusing to consider Fox news a legit station as it has gone hardcore right and is actually tilting all it’s new broadcasts in favour of a republican point of view.

    A conservative win next year will see the Sun and sky news go to the extremes witnessed in the USA

  • DC

    On a serious point – it was pretty pathetic of the Sun and I don’t and wont buy red tops. Gordon Brown’s not a bad old spud despite his many failings.

    On a comical one:

    What’s black and white and makes women scream?

    Gordon Brown’s handwriting!