Making a list, checking it twice..

Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly wants the DUP to produce a list of conditions for the devolution of policing and justice [Is that how they hope to assess “community confidence”? – Ed] and he declares in the iol report – “We need to get this sorted by Christmas”. Fortunately his party president, Gerry Adams, will be meeting Santa Claus in Dublin tomorrow… [And have you been a good little boy? – Santa Ed]

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  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Sinn Fein seems surprised by the DUP setting of more conditions. For years the DUP have been rewarded by sinn fein for exactly this kind of behavior. The DUP after a deal is made in a closed room then comes out and wants sinn fein to give more for the sake of community confidence. We have seen it time and time again…and the DUP usually are given what they want by sinn fein.

  • ulsterfan

    Kelly wants the thing sorted out by Christmas.
    Sf must be in trouble with their supporters.
    Perhaps it will take from now until Christmas for the DUP to make out the list and only then can negotiations begin

  • percy

    you’re amking a fool of yourself.
    This is blatant trolling, and you’re the most senior member here.
    thank god for eamonn mallie.

  • Harry

    The DUP list need only say one thing:

    Pre-conditions can be demanded as we wish.

    It seems to me the DUP are just stalling – maybe they are stalling till Westminster elections so that they can limit the losses to the TUV. This is particularly important in a Westminster election, where any loss in the DUP vote could let the UUP in! It’s also why the DUP are not ending double jobbing – they need the best candidates standing to prevent losses to UCUNF in seats like Upper Bann, East Derry and dare I say it East Belfast.

    The DUP really annoy me. They are the worst NI party – they try to con the electorate, they try to coerce the electorate into voting for DUP in order to keep unionism on top blah blah blah. Well Mr Robinson, unionism is on top because nationalists and republicans are enforcing Britsh rule in Ireland! If Sinn Fein become the largest party and therefore are First minister, then unionism is still on top, since republicanism will be First minister in a devolved administration of the UK. The DUP keep telling us how well they have done in restricting the Sinn Fein agenda blah blah blah – but don’t Sinn Fein say they have brought DUP on ground that they said they would never go? Isn’t it the case that the DUP have also made concessions to Sinn Fein? And if devolution is so good for Northern Ireland, then why not devolve P&J? Why wait? BECAUSE IT WILL HINDER ELECTORAL CHANCES IF THEY DEVOLVE POLICE AND JUSTICE! The DUP do all they can to ensure unionists vote for them, and once in, they couldn’t give a damn about what most unionists want – a functioning, working, and successful executive bringing real improvement to Northern Ireland.