Fall of the wall – Celebrating 20 years of freedom

20 years ago today West German television channel ARD broadcast that – “This ninth of November is a historic day. East Germany has announced that, starting immediately, its borders are open to everyone”. On hearing the announcement East Germans began gathering at the eastern side of the 140km long Berlin Wall. Soon their numbers swelled dramatically, the sheer size of the crowd overwhelming the guards who were nervous about using force. The guards gave in, opened their check points and the crowds swarmed through to be met by joyous west Berliners on the other side. The irrestible force of the human desire for freedom had overcome the not-so-immovable object of Soviet Communision as represented by the Berlin Wall.

Over at Turbulence Ahead, Libertarian thinker and Slugger blogger, Gerard O’Neill, argues that this should have been a continent-wide holiday – I agree with his sentiments wholeheartedly.

Happy Freedom Day Slugger!

German Original Viewable here