He said, she said..

Conflicting versions of the latest talks with Libyan officials on compensation for Provisional IRA victims in this BBC report. But, as Mark Devenport pointed out on Stormont Live today [For what it’s worth.. – Ed], no media were allowed to accompany the delegation. Interestingly, the suggestion in the recent BBC NI Spotlight programme was that the campaigners understood that any compensation would end up in a general fund for all victims – definitions of a victim, and access to any fund, have, probably, yet to be fully resolved.

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  • Jimmy

    How is Jeffreys compensation claim on behalf of victims against Sinn Fein going by the way?

  • fin

    It looks increasingly like another wrong move by the DUP. They met a bunch of no-bodies and as a local journo said

    “Libya could not refuse to meet a delegation of British parliamentarians”

    It also looks as if the DUP are retreating even further on their demands

    “The delegation presented a number of demands including Libyan investment in business and infrastructure, wide-ranging community development projects and “resolution of existing claims by UK citizens involving Libya” ”

    So it looks like the DUP will be happy if Libya opens a call centre somewhere in the North.

    Is it me or are the DUP beginning to look as if they’re begging!

    I guess the usual cheerleaders on slugger will claim that Robbo has Libya right where he wants them etc etc.

    But I also guess that Robbo knows that nationalists are increasingly in a better place to do a similiar number on HMG.

    Its hard to see how the DUP can achieve anything on this one, it’ll become like P&J where dragging the situation out is the best option.

    Which makes them look like a shower of Cnuts

    Or is that Canutes