A National(?) Day(?) of Union Action

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions is running a National Day of Action this Friday with eight demonstrations advertised on its ‘Get Up Stand Up: for a better, fairer way’ website. The Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions is advertising three separate demonstrations on their website. éirígí is joining the dots and treating the issues north and south as one. Though I’m waiting to see how some lunchtime protests come together as a day of action.

See you on the barricades comrades.

  • Successful campaigning usually has a very specific purpose, a singular or short set of measurable objectives and a statement that instantly captures the eye. Even if you get to bothering to read the 14 page summary(?) can’t really see the point other than to do something, which may be better than doing nothing, but amounts to the same. Revolution in your own lunchtime?

  • lula

    I think the public sector unions are going to receive a disappointing reception from the general public – and I hope an angry one. These guys live in a fantasy land of pensions that money can’t buy, jobs they cannot lose, pay far in excess of their worth and conditions that would wither were they ever to be met by a real job.

    Their arrogance is disgusting. Do these rich, pampered and self-indulgent (barely) professionals really expect the rest of us to continue bank rolling their good times forever?

    Listen, baby, the boom time is over. Just as we were all far too flathulach with what we would pay for sub-standard houses, or what we would borrow from the bank to pay for over-priced goods, we were far too flathulach with what we would pay for a bloated and ineffective public service. Will someone please explain to these dumbbells that we ain’t got the cash to pay their wages and the choice is either to fire them or reduce the size of the cheques? If they ain’t happy about it then find another job. It’s that simple.

    (Note: care must be taken always to remember that the public sector has a vast underclass of cleaners, porters, and a whole sundry below Grade 3 Clerical Officier – a caste of untouchables that the unions don’t care about and the “professionals” in the public sector don’t care to consort with. These guys are underpaid, with poor conditions and crap pensions – and paying a 10% levy to subsidise the financially impossible pensions of over-paid teachers and civil servants.)

  • HSE Executive

    See you on the barricades comrades.

    Sure – roysh after my orange mocha-chip frappuccino Mark!

  • Driftwood

    Are eirigi supporting the striking ROYAL Mail workers?

  • Mark McGregor


    Easy enough checked took me 30 seconds to find out the answer is YES.