Tim, Clip, Urbs and a dodgy Belfast

I ended up stuck for a book and am now trying to work my way through a borrowed copy of Tim Collins: ‘Rules of Engagement, A Life in Conflict’ (it’s even signed). I’ve got to page 44 so far and already found two of the 20 footnotes to be inaccurate (both on the IRSP/INLA funny enough) – that’s a 10% rubbish rate – and an incorrect translation for Béal Feirste. I’m not holding out much hope his views on places further afield will have been entirely accurate. ‘Clip’ McWilliams a member of the Urbs – wtf Tim! Though he is not alone in getting the translation of Béal Feirste wrong (Hint – It is not ‘mouth of the Farset’).

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