Republics need to think outside the box on the past…

The challenge for our politicians must be ‘do the big thing.’ The raison d’etre for this approach is to convey hope and above all to convince your former political enemy that you are genuinely part of ‘ a new dispensation.’ To state the obvious- Loyalists did their fair share of killing during the Troubles just as did the IRA. This week-end Nigel Dodds and Jeffrey Donaldson are in Libya seeking compensation for victims of the IRA’s campaign of violence. They take the view that Libya should compensate protestant families because that regime armed the IRA at one stage. How about this for a challenge?
Should Republicans have considered asking to be included in the delegation to Libya?

One can already hear the reponses “Are you ……mad?” That is fine. Just cool down and think this through! Wouldn’t such a gesture send a powerful message to protestants that Republicans do really care about the whole community not just about nationalists? Politicians at Parliament Buildings rarely surprise us. They are predictable and sadly perform on narrow ground and more often than not on narrow sectarian ground.

Is there not an onus on all of us in the media to put it up to our politicians to break rank and start the process of ‘doing the big thing’ in the interest of the whole community ?