“obey the communal imperative”

That’s Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams’ advice to the DUP on the devolution of policing and justice powers. And, as well as describing the DUP leader Peter Robinson’s speech in the Commons as “not a sincere, genuine or a serious effort to resolve the issue of Orange parades”, he’s declared the linking of the parades issue to the transfer of those powers “unacceptable”. But what will you do about it, Gerry? Meanwhile, an iol report notes the DUP response

The DUP today said: “The comments made by Peter Robinson in the House of Commons are entirely consistent with the party manifesto. “Our insistence upon community confidence before the devolution of policing and justice is a long-standing DUP policy.” The party added: “It was Sinn Féin which tied parading to policing and justice when it insisted the party could not proceed with the Ashdown proposals until policing and justice was devolved. “If Mr Adams is unhappy about the link, he can be unhappy with himself.”

Adds According to the Irish Times – The DUP hit back at Mr Adams last night, accusing the Sinn Féin president of being an “unmitigated liar”.