Tweet of the Day: WWII Vet to BNP Candidate in Glasgow…

And speaking of the remembrance of wars past, this came up on Twitter via Stephen Glenn :

Glasgow WW2 veteran to BNP candidate: “I used to shoot people like you”

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  • Cushy Glenn


  • Gav

    Classic. Says more than a million sanctimonious lectures from the self-righteous.

  • exile

    How many hardened BNP supporters and sympathisers ‘tweet’?

  • Dublin Exile

    Fair play to him. Hit the nail on the head. ’nuff said.

  • 6countyprod

    Did the Vet tweet this, or is it just something someone made up?

    Colour me sceptical.

    Thing is, I have never heard a Vet boasting about shooting Germans, and I’ve been around a lot of vets in my time.

  • Mick


    According to the Scotsman, it was “82-year-old James Murray, a former Royal Engineer who saw service in the Second World War, fighting his way into Nazi German territory in the Allied advance at the end of the war.”

  • Dread Cthulhu

    It doesn’t top the comment overheard around the time of the London subway bombings from a pensioner “We’ve been bombed by better bastards than this,” but you can see it from there.