Tory attack dogs shit on own doorstep?

Mick previously blogged on attempts to purge Michal Kaminski’s, Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists political group and Polish Law and Justice party MEP, Wikipedia entry of negative references (possibly by a Westminster based Conservative supporting their European leader). This has resulted in a fight back of dubiousness and very little credibility across Tory blogging.Ian Dale had previously interviewed Kamiski for Total Politics and given him a clean bill of health and on Monday republished in full a blog from Tory Bear that seems to use the ‘whatabout’ defence or ‘your ma’. Unfortunately their lack of checking facts from either could be a problem for both:

TB is getting sick to the back teeth of Labour, and their stooges, attempting to create scandal around who the tories sit with in the European Parliament. The audacity that they have in these attacks can quickly be exposed with Google and rather appropriately given today’s attempt at journalism from the Observer – Wikipedia.

The Labour Party sit with the European Socialists grouping (PES), a bunch of nuts lefties that make Blair and Brown look slightly to the left of Hannan. Labour can try have a half-hearted smear attempt at the tory groupings, but it is a national embarrassment that the governing party of the day consort with communists, terrorists, murderers, anti-semites and 9/11 deniers.

Oh you didn’t know this? Well it’s not like it’s reported by the main stream media. Dan Hamilton wrote a great piece a few months ago and TB would like to share some of what he exposed. Lets just have a quick peek at a couple of Labour’s friends in Europe shall we…

Tory Bear had decided to rewrite an old piece and not bothered to check it for accuracy, current or previous. He amended it with his own slant in a very contestable way and Dale at no point sought to check the truth of any of any claims he then put to a much wider audience.

One major claim that Dale subsequently removed but still hasn’t addressed was that Proinsias de Rossa (Irish Labour Party MEP) –

‘ is a murdering terrorist who is linked to the killing of six British Policemen’

is now on numerous sites across the internet including the Spectator.

While Dale later admitted, via a comment, this may be ‘contentious’ (but not worthy of investigating or fully addressing) and deleted the line it seems as if de Rossa’s arrest at 16 for IRA membership and internment during the 50/60s Border Campaign (Operation Harvest) means he is held responsible for all the deaths caused by the IRA during that period and declared a ‘murderer’ while never having been accused or convicted of such deeds. Claims Dale has been part of propogating.

Other claims across the blogs seem equally dubious.

Giulietto Chiesa isn’t an MEP. While he had a short stint with the PES, he was elected as an ALDE member and during his unsuccessful run in June was on a Green/EFA ticket. Not much of a Labour link there.

‘So many loons to choose from, but TB’s absolute favourite scumbag has to be Andrzej Zbigniew Lepper the leader of the Polish Self-Defence of the Republic Party,who Labour sit hand in hand with in Europe.’

Except he is an Independent MEP.

So the Conservative blogosphere has come out angry and fighting over attacks on their European partners. Very angry, maybe too angry? Their attacks are either false or greatly exaggerated possibly to the point of outright lies – they sure haven’t been fact checked at any point.

And by attacking what they assume are partners of others as a legitimate tactic they make the concentration on their own dubious relationships seem an entirely valid initial point. As they raise a cracked mirror at others they seem to emphasis how maybe there really could be something of them reflected in their proven partners

The best form of defence seems to have resulted in validating the initial attack. And for some it may even result in a trip to the Irish courts – I really think de Rossa could beat that murder rap they’ve laid at his door.

Poor blogging all round on that one. Has an election been called I’m not aware of? Otherwise there is no excuse for that level of rubbish.

  • That’s one libel case I might like to see De Rossa win.

  • Mark McGregor


    Catch a grip. Even I quite liked Dunphy getting his arse handed to him. You can’t be so bitter you’d take the Sindo over PdR?

  • I did have a moment’s hesitation as I was writing that as to whether to say it was the second libel case I’d be happy to see him win. But (a) Dunphy is brilliant craic on the football programmes and (b) I’d rather have seen both sides lose the last one. In this one, I do have a clear preference.

  • Mark McGregor

    It may get me in trouble for reproducing it but here is IN copy from 1997 on de Rossa’s last libel case:

    De Rossa says joining IRA was ‘an adventure’

    By Paul Muldoon

    DEMOCRATIC Left leader Proinsias De Rossa told a High Court jury yesterday that being a teenager in the IRA in the 1950s was the “stuff of storybooks”.

    Mr De Rossa, who is minister for social welfare, said he and others joined the IRA in 1956. “It was a bit of an adventure at 16 years of age to be part of a secret army going on secret camps and meetings and so on,” he said. He was giving evidence on the third day of his libel action against Independent Newspapers plc. He claims he was libelled in an article by columnist Eamon Dunphy in the Sunday Independent on December 13 1993. Under cross-examination by Mr Patrick MacEntee SC for the newspaper, Mr De Rossa said he was not in court to talk about the IRA of 40 years ago but about a libel made by Eamon Dunphy that he was a criminal. He said the first time he was arrested was in 1957 along with 40 others during a route march in the Wicklow mountains. After serving a two-month sentence, he spent nearly two years interned in the Curragh. He became leader of the Workers’ Party in 1988. Later Mr De Rossa claimed he was being put through a “nonsensical cross-examination” about history. He was asked if it was the case that the Workers’ Party had any connection with illegal activities. Mr De Rossa said his case was that he was suing for a gross libel that he was a criminal, drug pusher, a pimp, a forger, a bank robber. Clearly, the Sunday Independent had no way of proving that, otherwise they would not be putting him through this nonsensical cross-examination about history. He said he wanted the Sunday Independent to withdraw these serious allegations about him. He was not a criminal and had never been a criminal. He said he had never been accused of being a criminal or convicted of being a criminal. He added that If the Sunday Independent was not saying he was a criminal, they should withdraw it and apologise. Mr MacEntee said his clients were not saying that Mr De Rossa was a criminal in any of those senses. Mr De Rossa said: “In what sense?” Mr MacEntee said: “In no sense.” Mr De Rossa replied: “In no sense, thank you. Why is the Sunday Independent putting me through this. Why couldn’t they have said that four years ago when I asked for a retraction?”

  • RepublicanStones

    Causing a bit of a stir over the pond as well…

    Last thing the Tories need is Abe Foxman snapping at their heels.

  • Jimmy Sands

    I mentioned this in an earlier comment, before it was removed from Iain Dale’s site. In its original manifestation this was an attack piece generated by the darling of the conservatives’ swivel-eyed tendency, Dan Hannan. Tory Bear, whom I understand to be a retired tory student activist currently working (and I use the term advisedly) as a delivery boy for Guido Fawkes, decided to spice it up a little. I assume his degree was not in history. Iain Dale then remarkably decided to paste the whole thing onto his blog without I suspect bothering to read it. When I pointed out certain difficulties he may have with it, the most egregious sentence disappeared without note or explanation. After further challenge came the rather grudging statement quoted by Mark. There would appear to be no suggestion that an apology might be warranted. The rest of the gibberish remains up, despite repeated corrections appearing in the comments.

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  • DR

    just dont put your Ugg boots in it on the doorstep.

    Bit of a Tabloid Headline Mark, one thing i hate on slugger is Headlines that make assertions first then put the case.

    Does seem to be a bit of a mess though and if your gonna fling mud you had better be 100% sure it sticks.

    With regards to European alliances remember its onlt 20 years since the iron curtain came down, im not sure how far back they dig but even though its haloween let the skeletons rest.