Down the hill, take a left and round the houses

First of my weekly roundups, thanks to all who forwarded links. This one will have some old material to catch stories previously missed. If you think I’ve omitted something you’d have liked included drop me a mail in futureéirígí’s all too often updated Workers in Struggle topic shows more job losses and calls for child benefit cuts in the south

An old press release from August I’ve been sent that surprised me says the Republican Network for Unity (RNU) have met with young loyalists from East Belfast:

“Four members of RNU met with a group of 20 young men and loyalist ex-prisoners from East Belfast on 29 August. They took the group into the Bogside where they took part in a guided tour of the ‘Bloody Sunday’ Memorial and Museum, ‘Free Derry Corner’, and the ‘H-Block Memorial’. Issues such as the civil rights campaign and the Battle of the Bogside were discussed as well as other events at the genesis of the conflict”

The RNU members and young people then engaged in an exploration of unionist and nationalist cultural identity and the current political situation.”

The RNU also attack Sinn Fein over an increase in repression from the Sinn Féin endorsed PSNI and claim a Community Activist has been attacked by a ‘Provisional’ Sinn Féin Executive Member.

The IRSP has an interesting discussion with some supporters teasing out their difficulties in supporting the recent INLA announcement on armed struggle.

Pretty much alone Republican Sinn Féin attack Clinton’s visit and the US. (something people would have been queuing up to do just over a year ago)

No reviews online yet but Indymedia trailed what may have been a fascinating talk from Tarek El-Diwany – ‘The Credit Crunch: An Islamic perspective’

I’m happy to take links on forthcoming events like the now sold out Chomsky lecture during the Queen’s festival. (I’m still looking someone to share a pint before this btw)

The Socialist Party flags its intention to run in South and East Belfast during the general election

The SWP carries a debate between them and SF over the latter’s decision to meet with the Israeli Ambassador

The Workers’ Party held their NI conference last week. Dawn Purvis managed to get along after her own party conference

And to finish I’ll cast the net a bit further afield with Alex Callinicos’ article in the Socialist Voice examining challenges for the Left which states ‘It would be simply criminal to allow the Tories and the fascist and populist right to benefit from the decrepitude of Labourism.’

  • Comrade Stalin

    Well, that went down like a ton of shite.

  • Should anyone be interested in more on the WP regional conference, they can see


    As for the IRSP forum, interesting gap between supporters and actual members, with the supporters complaining about the move.

  • Mayoman

    Mark, just a couple of questions. Is there any more coverage of the RNU meeting with the loyalists anywhere? And was this a one-off or part of a wider process? It seems like the type of thing that should be far more widely applauded than has been here.

    On another point, as a person who has moved from ‘hard left’ to ‘left’ over the years, I’d like your opinion on the language used by the ‘hard left’ at times. Do you think there are many working people who would identify with terms such as ‘fascist and populist right’ and ‘decrepitude of labourism’? I would so like to see a strong ‘hard left’, but it needs to talk the language of the people.

  • James

    Should anyone be interested in more on the WP regional conference, they can see

    Any mention of the workers party decommissioning their weapons at the conference?

  • Mark McGregor


    I don’t expect this thread to generate that much interest or comment. It/they exist and very few reflect it, I’m happy enough with that just pointing out there is opinion outside the status-quo. Others can dissect it if they wish.

    As Gari notes, the disconnect between IRSP supporters and members over the INLA announcement probably makes this round-up worthwhile by itself.