‘Ruled’ by cults?

Dennis Tourish’s “Ideological intransigence, democratic centralism and cultism: a case study from the political left” while an old piece and mainly focusing on the Trotskyite CWI, now the Socialist Party in Ireland and Britain, raises some controversial question on the organisational nature of the left with some resonances for much of Irish republicanism and left republican groupings in particular.

So, is the left, republicanism, and left republicanism engaged in cult like behaviour?

It is a lengthy piece but worth a read. The conclusion claims six areas define a political-cult:

1. A rigid belief system.
2. An immunity to falsification.
3. An authoritarian inner party regime.
4. A leadership able to exercise arbitrary power.
5. The deification of leader figures.
6. An intense level of activism.

Most of these seem an integral part of several parties at the heart of our devolved government never mind a problem solely of the radical left or republicanism.

Have politics been replaced by cults in the north of Ireland?

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