If you can see this…

If you can see this post, you’re looking at the version of the site that’s been moved to a new server. Moving Slugger – the product of lots of well-meaning pro-bono scripts done by different developers – could be compared with moving a graveyard.

Let’s hope it results in better availability over the next few weeks until we’re ready with our shiny new relaunch.

A few quick shout-outs to people who’ve helped us. When we couldn’t get the site working on the new server because of a dodgy script, we put a call out on twitter and Andy from Moogaloo responded, gave us a load of his time on a busy morning got the problem fixed. Set up properly, Expression Engine (our content management system) is a good one, and if any of you are looking to build something with it, please bear Andy in mind. And then there’s Laurie at Enginehosting who helped us waaaaaaay beyond the call of duty.

She agreed to help us move it, only to find that the server it was on was in a state of near-collapse, and the files for about fifty times bigger than she realised. An hour’s work ended up keeping her up to the small hours of the morning. Thanks Laurie.AAA

  • Hurray for triumph of perspiration over technology!

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    not sure if you are aware of this but some comments seem to be posted but are not showing in the thread e.g.the one starting “If that exercise turns out” – I get notification but cant see it.

    Quite a few comments missing off the end of that thread – they were there last night – I was expecting that but not the inconsistency noted above.

  • Thereyouarenow

    Perhaps you should start a thread asking people which political ideology that they would like to see “disappear down some virtual crack in the space time continuum”

  • I see I’m getting email notifications now, which never worked before (although it doesn’t show the poster’s name, which is confusing). Does that mean commenter registration works now too?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Andrew Gallagher,

    I have not previously got the poster name in my notigfications? Have you always got them before now?

    Also I did not get a notification for this thread but am getting notifictions for another thread but not able to view the comments.

  • Sammy,

    I never got notifications until today, so I have no idea if the poster name used to be there or not. But it should be…

    This thread went awol about an hour ago, but is now back. I suspect the system is still having some teething troubles.

  • Just for today, while the domain propagates around the internet (when a domain is changing, some people see different pages to others until it resolves) you may get an annoying glitch like ‘Thereyouarenow’ had in this thread – clicking on ‘comment’ for one post and your comment landing on another. Apologies for this – there’s not much we can do about it but it’s a problem that should cease occuring soon.

    Domains *can* take up to 48 hours to repoint everywhere but generally most people can see the changes within a short-ish time (usually 12 hrs). This change happened before midnight last night (Weds).

  • While we’re on the topic, could the tech guys please make sure that the new site sends RSS links to the actual thread? (i.e. the “weblog/comments/xxxx” address, not the broken “weblog/site/xxxx” one, which is just a copy of the front page) Catching up on multiple new threads via RSS is currently a painful process.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    thanks Andrew – I now dont get any notifications at all

  • jo

    ote no comment from David Vance recently. Mind you, all of us fund his appearances on “hearts and minds”. £120 per minute, according to FoI.

    Given that he censors all comments on his website that Slugger will henceforth recognise that the man applies rules to those who would post on his site that he takes advantage of here. Such is the parasitic nature of racist intolerance.

  • RepublicanStones

    Does this mean an end to Slugger keeling over altogether or just a reduction in its frequency?

  • Time will tell Stones.

    The new host will be a lot more useful to us. The old one didn’t understand the system that the site is built in (messily). The new one is already giving us suggestions of things we can do to stop it keeling over.

    THe next big news story that gets a few thousand people trying to get on at the same time will tell, but we’re aiming to replace the whole site with something *a lot* more stable on the site *should* be just a bad memory after that point.