If you can see this…

If you can see this post, you’re looking at the version of the site that’s been moved to a new server. Moving Slugger – the product of lots of well-meaning pro-bono scripts done by different developers – could be compared with moving a graveyard.

Let’s hope it results in better availability over the next few weeks until we’re ready with our shiny new relaunch.

A few quick shout-outs to people who’ve helped us. When we couldn’t get the site working on the new server because of a dodgy script, we put a call out on twitter and Andy from Moogaloo responded, gave us a load of his time on a busy morning got the problem fixed. Set up properly, Expression Engine (our content management system) is a good one, and if any of you are looking to build something with it, please bear Andy in mind. And then there’s Laurie at Enginehosting who helped us waaaaaaay beyond the call of duty.

She agreed to help us move it, only to find that the server it was on was in a state of near-collapse, and the files for about fifty times bigger than she realised. An hour’s work ended up keeping her up to the small hours of the morning. Thanks Laurie.AAA