O’Donoghue resignation live blog…

Now, if you missed it, here’s John O’Donoghue’s last stand as Ceann Comhairle… And here’s the text of his speech courtesy of the guys at Irish Election…

And my nomination of best Tweets of the afternoon:

– @naoisen And Ó Caoláin rises to his feet with all the pomposity of a Tridentine bishop. #JOD

– @TomMcGurk: #JOD John O’D forgot to thank Visa in his speech!

– Cecilia Keavney: A lot of FOI requests coming in but people don’t see the fuller context of the information contained therein… #JOD

– @Mark_Coughlan #JOD says he used Govt’ jet just 14 times for international flights over three years. Doesnt say 175 times domestically!

– @Natural20 Old white dude replaces other old white dude chairing Dáil mostly full of old white dudes. #jod

– @roisinod: Ok. Let’s not panic. Once the world doesn’t realise Seamus means James (Kirk) we won’t be even more of a laughing stock #JOD

– @lecraic ‘cmon enough of this #JOD lark. Have yiz no work to be doing? Good job I’m here keeping the economy ticking over.

Live blog continues now below the fold… You can follow the session here on RTE LIve from 2.20 this afternoon…It will automatically pick up Twitter feeds marked with #dail or #jod…