Allister calls for non party unionist unity candidate for FST

Jim Allister was in Fermanagh tonight at a public meeting. During the course of his speech he called for a single non party unionist candidate for Fermanagh South Tyrone at the Westminster election. Allister suggested that both Arlene Foster and Tom Elliott stand aside and pointed out that a single nationalist candidate had been run in the past.

This call is likely to further unsettle the UUP who have already proven somewhat shaky regarding the commitment made on their behalf by David Cameron to fight in every seat. Fermanagh unionists seem extremely keen to have a unity candidate but the history of mutual distrust between the DUP and UUP and the personalities involved makes uniting behind a DUP or UUP candidate unlikely. A single (especially non party) unionist might stand a decent chance of unseating Gildernew but it seems highly unlikely that there will be any such agreement.

  • RepublicanStones

    Anyone but the taigs eh 😉

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    It makes sense for their only to be one Nationalist and one Unionist candidate and SF should step aside in SB and the SDLP do so in FST.

    On a seperate aspect of Unionist unity do you accept that the excellent showing of the TUV in the Euros has had a serious impact on the negotiating position of the DUP (this was indicated by Paul Bew on Radio 4 this morning) in that the DUP will be that much keener to reach an accomodation with SF to avoid an election.

  • boss hogg

    The real question if the TUV are going to stand in seats like North Belfast or Upper Bann were the TUV run as a third Unionist candidate the seats go to Sinn Fein????????????????????????????

  • Wrinklie Jane

    The DUP shouldn’t mind too much if seats go to their new mates in Sinn Fein

  • DR

    I think I could even name a very suitable candidate, he has been approached by various parties over the years but has resisted all approachs, I am pretty certain he would be acceptable to all parties…
    But not sure if he wants the job and the chances of getting agreement are slim ( I guess a token tory would have to stand )

  • Thereyouarenow

    Surely the CUNF cannot entertain this tribal politics.

  • DR

    its not tribal, personally I would be happy to do a deal in South Down with the SDLP to keep SF out, atm we have an MP who has never took her seat and just uses the MP tag as another couple of letters to stick after her name, I want someone fighting for us in London where much of the decisions are still made and influence to be had.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    if you want influence then surely SF is the answer – why bother with the chamber where a relatively small Irish party’s views are of no interest to Britian – Marty as SF rep. and as Norn Iron leader goes straight to Number 10 as he will continue to do.

    Unionists have been there in numbers for decades and they were still force fed the Sunningdale/GFA etc. Waste of time and no place for the good guys.

  • Bemused

    I’m sure this guy is free and would probably top the poll…..

  • Drumlins Rock

    nah bemused he wasnt free, he is standing for the TUV in upper Bann

  • Garza

    How can there be a “united unionist candidate” when unionism is not united at all?

  • The UUP will probably let the Conservative half of the New Force put up the candidates and money in seats like Fermanagh South Tyrone, then stand back while their voters go to the united Unionist candidate put up by the DUP and TUV.