Folks on the Hill is back…

Folks on the Hill starts off on Radio Ulster with Hugh Ordes recurring nightmare: Gerry Kelly as Policing Minister in a parallel universe where Sir Hugh can never leave… Then there’s the recession… This Autumn, if you see only one movie, make sure it’s this one… H/T Percy…

20th Century Folks proudly presents the ultimate disaster movie: Take one devolved Assembly, that people thought was unsinkable and set it on a collision course with the biggest recessions since late April, 1876… Then put Sammy Wilson in charge of the Finances… [woman screams, twice…] Then you have the perfect recipe for catastrophe, mayhem and sheer blind terror… Starring Art Garfunkel as Martin McGuinness… Celine Dion as Iris Robinson… Montgomery Burns as Sir Reg Empey.. The speaking clock as Mark Durkan… And John Laurie as Gordon Brown [We’re doomed, I tell you..]

  • dunreavynomore


  • frustrated democrat

    Don’t worry it could never happen …

  • percy

    sending up yer politicians is vital to the life blood of the polity; we should celebrate the freedom to do it.
    If ya can’t switch off, how can ya switch on?

  • Rory Carr

    Woman goes into a butcher’s shop:

    “Four lamb’s kiddlies, please.”

    “You mean ‘kidneys’, madam ?”

    “I said ‘kiddlies’ diddle I ?”

    Now that’s what I call funny.

  • Thereyouarenow

    Sounds good and you just could not make some of that stuff up.

  • Only Asking.

    When’s it coming back on the telly?