Electoral Commission release Euro campaign figures…

And at 1 o’clock the Electoral Commission released the figures for party expenditure on the recent European elections… We’ve a copy of the press release complete with the topline figures here… The UCU-NF are the new big spenders on the bloc (with nearly 2/1 of party expenditure looking like it came from the Tories)… SDLP cut back significantly from 04.. and the Alliance spent most of their available cash on their candidate who subsequently walked… Greens have their first grown up campaign, but still come in on the cheapest bill… And in the campaign that SF did not take seriously, not huge increase, but no cut back from 04 either…


  • disinterested observer

    DUP spending went up markedly and their vote went ehm… down markedly

  • joe

    Does this figure include the “non-election” leaflet that was distributed in the daily papers and then also was passed around the doors to promote DUP victories and introduce Diane to the public?

    It didn’t have the necessary Election lingo such as the publisher, election agent etc so I presume that’s an extra expense that’s not published?

  • iluvni

    Is Diane Dodds still alive?
    Havent seen nor heard a word from her (or the other two, to be fair) since the election.

    …and what about expenses? Are they being published as promised?