Celtic News

Ballyhalbert might have been rejected for UK City of Culture but the folk of Talbotstoun are nothing if they ain’t thrawn. – Wonderful attractions. The campaign continues.
Adam bids farewell. Plaid hold, Plaid gain, here’s hoping.
The Breton National anthem -copycats.Blog Menai on Irish Labour. Google Translate is losing it’s charm. Clymbleidio means coalition. Alun Michael rescued devolution. – quite a nice piece from an excellent, and improving, site.
The Cornish Democrat is not fond of the Lib Dems.
Alex Salmond and Sandi – that grows on you…well on me anyway.

  • The ficht continues. Ballyhalbert fur 2015, or whenever.
    Guid wurk Publicity Afficer.

  • Geoff Chaucer

    Why not use Chaucer’s English or Saxon, you pathetic people? Here’s hoping (in jest) you find a culture this side of La Luain.