What comes after next week’s referendum for Lisbon?

Interesting line from the director of the European Strategy Forum, Peter Ludlow on what happens in next but one thing in the big treaty debate on the Euractiv site…

For the moment, the position is that if [the second appeal] is referred to the Czech Constitutional Court on 29 September, Klaus has grounds for not signing until that appeal is resolved,” said Ludlow.

On that day, the Constitutional Court would have to decide whether to launch a second appeal procedure, challenging the conformity of the Lisbon Treaty with the Czech constitution, at the request of a group of senators close to Eurosceptic President Václav Klaus.

“The president of the Constitutional Court has indicated that simply on procedural grounds, this process will take at least three months: it could also take six months,” said Ludlow, adding that this would bridge the gap until elections are held in the UK, where Conservative leader David Cameron plans to stage a referendum over the reform treaty and kill it.

With the way things are at the moment, it looks like the Czech’s might be a better hope for UK Eurosceptics like Danhttp://euractiv.com/en/future-eu/break-week-lisbon-treaty/article-185756#

However, there is an opinion out there which suggests that if Ireland bring the bacon home, there will be immense pressure applied to the Czech Eurosceptic President Klaus… Though it’s not clear just what pressure can be brought… And says Marco Incerti a researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies:

“There is no provision either for setting up an alternative ‘core European Union’, as was suggested recently by Italian Prime Minister [Silvio] Berlusconi, and before him, by more respectable and more serious people,” I