Was Deputy Speaker Molloy attempting to mislead the house, or just plain mistaken?

Francie Molloy (Deputy Speaker) may have landed himself into some hot water over statements he made to the house yesterday… “I will clarify the situation for the Member: all the re-enactments took place on the county road, not in the GAA grounds.” Hmm… Elsewhere in the debate, Mr Molloy defends the acceptability of such demonstrations and the right of nationalist communities to hold them, but the use of GAA ground for paramilitary commemoration brings us into the politically complex question of how public funds might be acceptably spent…

So were the ‘guns’ outside or inside the grounds? Well on this Bebo site, they appear to be in a gravelled car park with a perimeter wall in the background. Hard to place from one shot. But now look at this longer shot which places a similar piece of ground (and bus) inside the perimeter of the ground, and certainly not on the county road. Mr Molloy’s account is also at odds with this eye witness account on Politics.ie the day after the event (ie when it was still politically uncontroversial)…

Mr Molloy is next in line to take up the Speaker’s job… If this was a genuine mistake then he should come out and rectify the situation as soon as possible… But his statement in the Assembly yesterday is substantially at odds with evidence that has been in the public domain for some time…

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  • DC

    Never mind ‘plucking chickens’, Sinn Fein and the truth is more like hens’ teeth.

  • fin

    “GAA ground for paramilitary commemoration”
    I thought the issue was its use for a political rally.

    As GAA grounds throughout the world are named after paramilitaries (old & recent) and therefore permanently commemorate paramilitaries.

  • Ulick

    A couple of points Mick.

    You photos show a couple of lads posing in the car park of the hall. It could be argued that they are not re-enacting at this stage but merely posing for a photo op, so technically there is nothing there which disputes with what Francie has said.

    Secondly, even if there had been a re-enactment in that car park, Francie would still be partially correct in that it is not part of the “GAA grounds” or GAA property. The car park and hall in Galbally are not owned by the club or the GAA. The club pay rent to the community centre for the use of the changing facilities in the hall, which is next to their playing field. The car park is not next to a GAA hall but a community hall which is also used by the club.

  • Renny

    Nothing to see here, move along now.

    You see in the Sinn Fein Universe, a sort of ‘Aoife in Wonderland’ kind of place, ‘what is’ is whatever Sinn Fein say ‘it’ is. Now that does not mean that ‘what is’ today will necessarily be the same as ‘what is’ may be tomorrow.

    You’ve got to get with the vibe, go with the flow, relax into it. As Guru Gerry Himself has noted it’s not what is said that attention should be paid to it’s what is meant that is important.

    Of course what is ‘meant’ is also not fixed it can weave and bob as the mood dictates.

  • Teechar

    Re the photos; why is it the small one always wants to hold the biggest gun? Is it because he has a very small pistol of his own?

    Submit word ‘comes’!

  • igor

    So who owns the Community Hall? The Church? Th Council? surely neither would agree to its use for glorifying terrorism.

  • igor

    “As Guru Gerry Himself has noted it’s not what is said that attention should be paid to it’s what is meant that is important.”

    Isn’t that what got him into trouble on Policing And Justice? He heard what Peter said but didn’t understand what he meant.

  • Danny O’Connor

    maybe he just mis-remembered

  • RepublicanStones

    Mick, being present at the event myself. The re-enactments were on the road leading to the GAA grounds. We had a mock checkpoint, with some guy in denim sprawled on a lovely ford cortina(if memory serves) with a meatwagon and two paras pointing weapons at him. The looked like they got the uniforms from Elliots. Then further up the road there was a mock interview situation, with some young fella sitting at a table being harrassed by two suited men and forced to sign something. Along the route at various intervals we had balaclava wearing eejits crouching in the ditches. All the while a private heilcopter flew overhead to add some nostalgic sounds. The ‘actors’ waited until the parade had passed and followed us into the grounds of the carpark. First of the actors in were the wannabe provies, some of whom congregated for a fag at the wall you see in the back of your linked pics.I did see two of the guys dressed as paras in the actual GAA grounds but they were there to listen the to the speeches. I didn’t see any re-encatments taking place in the grounds myself. Those photos you link to are merely pics taken post reneactments. But i said it the day of the parade, and I’ll say it again, those re-enactments were cringeworthy nonsense.

  • Balconite

    What was being reenacted?

    Don’t think the Provos wore uniform other than the Primark £2.99 white shirt and their sisters old school beret; and what’s with the alfresco desk malarky? The last to do that was Monty Python.

    Is that it was it all a homage to British comedy?

  • will there also be a curtailment of the funds provided to Ravenhill what with their staging of UDR events


    In June 1986, the regiment held its only tattoo for two days in good weather at Ravenhill rugby ground, Ravenhill Stadium, Belfast. Some of the attractions for the 12,000 people who attended were:
    • the Red DevilsRed Devils (Parachute Regiment) parachute team;
    • Greenfinches abseiling from the top of one of the grandstands;
    • UDR dogs;
    • a mock terrorist ambush;
    • beating the retreat with the Pipes & Drums of the UDR plus the bands of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment and the RUC.

    and the hosting of a Ely Center (what with their connections to FAIR) tour…


    New Programme underway….. October – The group will travel to Ravenhill Rd, for a guided tour of the Ulster Rugby Grounds, and will then watch the end of season game at Ravenhill.

    Should this be addressed to the IFRU in Dublin?

  • Drumlins Rock

    sounds like the whole things makes Scarva look complicated.

  • Hard hat

    MyTuppenceWorth – what is the offence that you are alleging the Ulster Branch of IRFU has committed? Please do expand, and go ahead and report the outrage to the IRFU. Do be sure to publish the outcome.

    And thanks for reminding us that we should not over-concern ourselves with relevant facts when we could be trawling the archives looking for “but look what them’uns did in 1690, 1916 or 1986, so that makes us alright so it does”.

  • Hard hat, the IRFU allowed the Ravenhill grounds be used by military personnel in their official capacity while they were belligerents in the Troubles. Therefore, this gave tacit approval to BSpecial/UDR activities although this would have been against the wishes of more than half the population of the nine counties of Ulster

    I’m highlighting the hypocracy in NI whereby the GAA are held to ransom by a Unionist for allowing their facilities be used by republicans (which I disagree with). However when similar military activities by another belligerent of the Troubles took place in Ravenhill, nothing was said or done. Do you think the issue was raised because community facitities were used for commemorations or simply because it was for a republican commemoration?

    Ok then what is the timeframe to consider things historical? Remember this is NI where memories are very, very long.

    fin “As GAA grounds throughout the world are named after paramilitaries (old & recent) and therefore permanently commemorate paramilitaries.”

    If you displayed the same disagreement with the Ards Rugby Club having a commemorations for the SAS’s Paddy Mayne at their club then you wouldn’t seem so one-sided or sectarian.

    Sport and politics shouldn’t mix ….. on both sides in NI.

  • and another thing Hard Hat, lets chat about the degree of hypocracy involved….

    Can I assume that the republican event only included a minimal number of bystanders during which the provie guns were on display? For sure the photos included by Flikr only show a larger populations of nationalists for the ‘un-armed’ parades. During the portion of the republican event which represents the armed volunteers, there doesn’t seem to be many nationalist viewers.

    On the other hand the Ravenhill event had 12,000 participants from the Crown-supporting population of NI !!! Not exactly like with like !!! If there’s going to be a comparison between the recent event at a GAA club via-a-vis the similar one at Ravenhill then lets keep it in comparison regarding population. The recent cock-up by the GAA doesn’t seem to have the universally accepted by the nationalist community in comparison to the Ravenhill military show (not withstanding these peaceful times in comparison to the UDR-night-at-the-Proms).

  • Archie P

    The parade also include one Rory Gildernew, a supposed Independent but in reality a Provo IRA / Sinn Fein member of Dungannon District Policing Partnership, respledent in his IRA uniform. Certainly justified his sacking by the authorities [the Policing Board] from such a body, considering a member of another DPP was sacked by the Policing Board for calling a fellow member a ‘queer’. Glorifying terrorism is ok with the PB, call a homosexual a queer and yer banished.
    Is it any wonder we have the lunatics running the ayslum that is the Executive, what with 5 Provos on board.

  • Archie P: “…respledent[sic] in his IRA uniform. ”

    and what, pray tell, is an IRA uniform? They’re irregulars and therefore there is no such thing as an IRA uniform (altho asking Trimble might get you the answer “Celtic hoops á la Ciarán Cummings”)

    I see there was some dressed up as RUC and British Army does that mean…??

    As for the derogatory terms for homosexuals in your post and implications that it’s ok to use these terms…. methinks he doest protest too much!!! A DPP member was booted for derogatory terms, maybe the mods might take the same course against your-small-mided-self

  • Archie P

    How is it small minded to challenge the right of someone who has supposedly ‘signed up to support Policing’ by his involvement as an ‘Independent’ within the DPP, whilst at the same time dressing up in the military uniform of an illegal organisation.

    The problem with Provos like you is that you want to be terrorists whilst being in Government and administering British rule in Northern Ireland.

    Marty and his other cohorts would appear to be the only murderers involvement in Government within Europe…..

  • Lesson 1: a commemoration is a rememberance of something historical. Putting arms beyond usage would imply that the IRA has ceased activity (so far they’re the only belligerents who have). Therefore, it’s not unreasonable for those who which to remember the Troubles, from a republican viewpoint, to commemorate it in the manner which is the subject of this thread. It’s not like there aren’t any unionist commemorations every second day or to highten tensions every July-time.

    Lesson 2: “…your-small-mided-self” referred to your homophobia…. you should have easily got that as my last paragraph was only about your fear of “the love that dares not speak it’s name”. Don’t worry, call Iris Robinson and she’ll help get you ‘turned around’. Too funny (not) to be true?!?!

    Lesson 3: “Provos like you..” as i’ve frequently written on this site, I’m not a republican nor Shinner. Never voted SF not do I think I’ve ever met a republican. Just becuase I disagree with the unionist, pro-BA mindset, it doesn’t mean the corrollary, that I’ve to be a Provo…. the limits to your viewpoint doesn’t equate to the limits of the world!!!

    Lesson 4: gunmen in Govt…. like Robinson & Paisley from their Third Force days or Ken Magginness and the rest of the UDR tho’out the unionist parties ???

    Is a hypocrite in NI, sectarian?

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  • Democratic

    What is your actual views on the paramilitary re-inactments/ commemorations and their relationship with the GAA Tuppence-Worth? – it looks like the only topic you haven’t wrote more than one line on.
    PS – I don’t think there is a job offer for damage limitation officer or chief water muddier on the go for this episode BTW…..

  • Reinactments: i’d bet they’re cringy-worthy displays of poor acting etc. However if they bring a sense of closure and moving-on to the families and loved ones then they should be a positive as long as they’re not ‘in your face’ to others. like so many of the ridulously large number of OO parades etc.

    Commemorations: the somber laying of weaths at memorials. Irish flags and bagpipes by fellows in kilts… again the same answer with the same conditions.

    Hence the reason I think this whole ‘mountain outta a mole-hill’ is pure and simple hypocracy and anti-nationalism. Thro’out July and Nov everyone’s tripping up over Dutch William and poppy flowers. Then Francie Molloy and co. do some bad acting re-inactments and the ‘July & Nov commemorators’ get their knickers in a twist…. goose/gander to the Nth degree, wouldn’t you agree ?

    The GAA probably shouldn’t be involved in large scale republican events. However, the organnization as a whole also suffered greatly during the troubles as an easily attacked elements of Irish nationalism. Therefore, I think they should stay away from the Shinner-run events and those which are radically republican. I can’t imagine it’d be easy to distance themselves from regular nationalist ceremonies as they usually the principal community organization in areas usually abandoned by Stormont & W-mister budgets for nearly a century.

    Quid pro quo… if a cricket club has a sponsored charity bridge-club event for the RUC Retirement club of Ballywherever, then so be it. However, Ravenhill used for a UDR showcase or those w a link to FAIR also on an official outing !! You’ve got to be taking the piss ?

    “it looks like the only topic you haven’t wrote more than one line on.” …the search abilities you use don’t seem to work correctly

  • Democratic, the ball has been in your court for a while now. I’d expected a mannerly reply since you asked me a very direct question and I gave you a complete answer.

    Go on, do the decent thing (copyright UUP) and answer my … “wouldn’t you agree ?”