“Afterwards, Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness gave separate news conferences.”

The BBC has the latest, such as it is, on the devolution of policing and justice powers after 2 hours of talks at Downing St.

Afterwards, Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness gave separate news conferences. Mr Robinson said they discussed a wide range of issues but no overall deal had been agreed. He said there was still more work to do and he would now be having discussions with party colleagues. The deputy first minister, Mr McGuinness, said progress was significant and he was hopeful a deal could be concluded on Wednesday.

That would be in New York. Where there will apparently be another attempt to utilise US pressure. And nevermind the destination.. But why devolve justice in this context? Further comment from the NI First Minister

“Whilst I will be travelling to New York on Wednesday morning, I have made it clear that these financial discussions will not be concluded in the States.”