“You should listen to what I mean; not to what I say…”

I’m genuinely a fan of Gerry Adams decision to lead his party from the front in terms of his blogging platform, even if I don’t always understand the insight he provides there… But this little gem struck a chord with a thread we had on Slugger a few weeks ago

‘Do you think many people nowadays know how to plant a chicken?’

He gazed into the bottom of his glass as he waited for an answer and was unmoved when I chortled loudly.

‘What do you mean? Plant a chicken?’

‘I mean pluck a chicken. You know that. You should listen to what I mean; not to what I say’.

Understood Gerry… Over and out…

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  • Sean

    You are complaining because he told an amusing tale instead of a bunch of political rhetoric?

    Very strange

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Yer man Grizzly, like many of us, appears to be a big fan of Flan, who although dead, has obvioulsy not gone away you know.

  • Only Asking

    Mick, what is it you don’t understand?

    It’s a little story, and the mistake is shurely part of the tale….

    A better example of political childishness was available over on Dale’s blog when John Prescott’s son did a photoshop of dale wearing a T shirt with an arrow on the front of it saying I’m with stupid.

    I can understand Dale, he’s coming from a party political position, where are you coming from? Simply pointing out this for the sake of it?

  • Turgon

    Another example of Adams trying to present himself as the intellectual, philosopher and at the same time man of the people.

    I wonder if Adams ever had the opportunity to have such a whimsical conversation with Jean McConville? Oh yes of course he could not because was in gaol at that time: except of course he was not. (See II. The Body in the Attic

  • Henry94

    Nice story Mick. Thanks for passing it on. If you had a sinister agenda for doing so it went over my head.

  • GUBU

    Fealty and Baker seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Grissly. They love him but loathe themselves for doing so.

  • Maybe he is sponsored by Guinness.

  • fin

    The ability to pull a chicken and choke a guinness, is the sign of an intellectual around some parts of NI!! or are the Jimhadists declaring war on Rhode Island Reds, put that hen in a Burkha and grow a beard on that pint here come the Tuviban

  • Greenflag

    ‘You should listen to what I mean; not to what I say’.

    Nothing wrong with that . It’s been standard operating procedure for several decades now among NI politicians of all parties . If people listened to what some NI politicians have said in the past and acted upon their words the body count from the troubles would have been trebled or quadrupled if not more . Who now remembers Bill Craigs stirring words of war as he promised to rid the province of Republican ‘scum’ i.e catholics .

    What we fail to understand is that in order to become a ‘good ‘ politician in NI it’s essential to be able to talk through both sides of the mouth simultaneously while also denying that you ever said x, y or z .

    Politicians first have to convince themselves that their own lies are the truth and then it becomes second nature to lie to the electorate 🙁 Some have such a talent for the art that they are blissfully unaware of their political delusions.

    The champion master of this technique was of course none other than the former First Minister now – Saint Paisley . Poor old Trimble just could’nt lie to himself and be convinced which is why he’s now in ‘exile ‘;)

    Northern Ireland gets the politicians it deserves -no more and no less . The people know what they are voting against i.e themuns .

    As it was in the beginning -is now and ever shall be .

    Until of course that State no longer exists .

    At that point it becomes more ‘complicated’ for the self deception must rise to new heights as we have seen from the recent economic crisis .

    But neither Adams or Paisley or any other politician in these islands will ever achieve Bernard Madoff status in the art of conmanship .

  • igor

    He needs to clear that article with Martin.

    Is it an Irish Chicken or a Northern Irish Chicken or even a North of Ireland Chicken?

    Is it being plucked by Irish Workers with a clear Certificate of Authentic Celtic Genes and following the approved Irish plucking method as agreed at the second Dail?

    Or might it even be a Euro Chicken sneaked in under the auspices of the Lisbon Treaty to be plucked by some blow-in from Poland on minimum wage using foreign techniques?

    And why is he drinking Guinness – a drink owned by an international conglomerate who exploit the hard earned cash of the Irish Working Man trying to spend the pittance he is left with from his average industrial wage after he has paid the mortgage on his holiday home in Donegal

    He cant just leave it hanging there. We need to know. Dear God we need to know.

  • “‘You should listen to what I mean; not to what I say’.”

    Greenflag, you’ve left yourself wide open. Bertie Ahern? Brian Cowen? 🙂

  • Drumlins Rock

    Mick, thanks for the link, almost as strange as his post on flying that time, cant see anything wrong with posting the link, I dont see it as criticism just amusing, gives an interesting insight into the SF leaders way of thinking, a rather confusing one to be honest not really in line with the picture most of us have of him, hard to work out what his intentions are in the blog, seems to be jsut musing at the end of the day.

  • igor

    Ahern and Cowan are dwarves in comparison to Haughey, the cute hoor himself.

    “How did this €1m come to be in your account?”

    I have no idea.

    “Why were the funds left over from Lenihan’s liver transplant in our personal bank account?”

    They were just resting there


    Of course the really cute hoors are the ones who don’t get caught at all.

  • fin

    Igor, I believe the chickens are DUP, Jimbo said they coming home.

    €1m, Iris and Peter would spend that much in tesco in no time – according to his expenses,

    Hey maybe thats were the chicken came from, the Robinsons got it for a snack

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    you have taken a very partitionist view there – Unionism needs to see the bigger all Ireland, island of Ireland picture.

    In the unlikely event that matters of chicken citizenship arise e.g. international competition, then we may look to the GFA for guidance which clearly states that Nationality is a matter of individual choice – a chicken like all creatures is neither born British nor Irish and like in the contentious case of Darren Gibson it comes down to individual choice.

    Grizzly, is must be said, although sporting a somewhat derivative style has got a bit of writing talent.

  • fin

    I don’t know Sammy, a lot of people in NI prefer their politicans to be more biblical, a bit more fire and brimstone, perhaps if he had been barbecuing the chicken it would have been better received.

    Where does Sammy Wilson stand on this, would he mind a Polish chicken getting plucked in NI before a local one, surely in these difficult times its the local ones Sammy thinks deserves plucking first.

  • Greenflag

    Nevin ,

    ‘you’ve left yourself wide open. Bertie Ahern? Brian Cowen? 🙂 ‘

    No I haven’t 😉 Note the following from the post above

    ‘At that point it becomes more ‘complicated’ for the self deception must rise to new heights as we have seen from the recent economic crisis .

    I’m awarene that self deception skills as applied to politicians do not cease at the land border with NI and in fact are even navigable across either the smaller or large ponds that surround this island 😉 . It’s part of the human condition . We all have it . Some can put it to profitable use . With others it lands them in jail and for some it forms the basis of a successful career in politics , crime , the law and business etc . It’s the kind of trait that disguises itself so well even from the possessor that it’s ‘outing ‘ usually means the end of all ‘pretensions’ and a lengthy sojourn in Wormwood Scubbs or Mountjoy .

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Gerry doesn’t do anything by chance…here’s the way I see it

    Kevin Skinner last week won “America’s got talent”–so what does this have to do with adams and the story? Kevin Skinner got a lot of press and media attention because he was a poor man who caught chickens for a living. Millions of people watched America’s got talent and Skinner was a huge hit. The press and America loved the story of the chicken catcher making it big. Now we have Adams less then a week after the big win of skinner with his own ‘chicken’ story. Rather pathetic to say the least.
    Oh, by the way gerry….the answer is put the chicken in boiling water for a few minutes and take the feathers off…(my brother raised chickens one year for a boy scout project) we had to pluck the dead chickens and then ate them for dinner.
    Kathy Collins

  • John O’Connell

    Many thanks Mick for the link.


    Another example of Adams trying to present himself as the intellectual, philosopher and at the same time man of the people.

    You’ve simply got it wrong. Gerry is obsessed with my work on Slugger and in my books sent to his corporals and he is trying to deflect attention away from them. In the process he is trying to make me look foolish by appearing to be a lovely guy.

    All Gerry wants from this blog is to be loved, nothing else. He just wants to tell people that he is not really the Antichrist as my numeric alphabet et al seems to suggest.

    I can reveal that this is all that Gerry thinks of, day and daily, but he thinks that he’s beating me when he acts like Lofty, the big softie barman out of Eastenders in the 1990s, who looks remarkably like him after a good shave.

  • igor


    Satire is a terrible thing but it was less political than that. I was referencing back to


    in which the blessed Martin was trying to get a campaign going to outlaw British Turkey and cooked meats in supermarkets in West Belfast. Something like the German purity laws but with less class and more poultry I believe.

    Then there was Michelle Gildernew’s little spat because the Irish Chicken producers wanted sanctions against NI chicken as it was ‘foreign’

  • sick of listening to crap

    Kathy C

    I know the avg IQ in America is pretty low, but can you please stop posting such idiotic shite.

    That is honestly one of the dumbest posts i have ever read here, and thats saying something.

    Reading that I could have sword you were auditioning for radio 1’s “Daves tedious link”

    in a country which elected bush jnr as president, it doesn’t surprise me they vote for “chicken catchers”, hell with the American economy going down quicker than a one legged man doing the hokey cokey you need summin to cheer you up.

  • Mark McGreg

    I really liked that blog, captured the gentle banter of two good friends having a pint. WEonder who the mate was.

  • Sean

    Yes John you ARE the cetre of the Universe

    And the answer is 42

  • Pancho’s Horse

    I think we all owe Con O’Jonnell a massive debt for the entertainment that he has provided over the years and therefore I would like to put him forward as Chief Stoop. I mean, look at the breadth and depth of the intellect, the photographic mind, the insight into the AntiChrist’s weaknesses. If ever there was a contender, this is HE. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

  • Gerry Adams’s Favourite Henchman

    John McMental: shut up your face big boy.

    Kathy C: you know too much. Yes, you’ve worked it out. Well
    done. Gerry just wants to be as popular as the winner of American Celebrity Big Idol Bollocks Strictly Talent on Ice 2005. Well done. Let me introduce you to someone who I’ve a feeling you might like: Kathy, meet Pete Baker. Pete, Kathy Collins.

    Everyone else: Gerry just wants to be loved. Right now he’s feeling very unloved and quite anxious. What say you guys: live and let live? 🙂 Ignore John, Kathy and Pete: GERRY IS OMNIPOTENT and OMNISCIENT

  • John O’Connell

    Pancho’s Horse

    I cannot accept your kind award as I work on the level of wisdom rather than intellect or memory.

    My wisdom tells me that we students of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science have a small audience for our comments but that we dazzle the likes of you into attempting to be humorous with your insults and rebuffs.

    But there is no Con, I assure you. Gerry Adams is the real life Antichrist of Revelation.

    If not, what, for a trivial example, but not a little explanatory, was the spat between him and Bishop Cathal Daly all about? You may recall that Bishop Daly became Cardinal Daly afterwards as a reward for taking on Adams and Gerry lost his Westminster seat and was forced, some say the Movement was forced as Gerry had wanted it all along (pull the other one), into negotiations afterwards to settle on SDLP terms.

  • Jim D


    was this before or after members of your Church were buggering children on an industrial scale?

    And where have you been for the past few weeks?!

  • John O’Connell

    Jim D

    More insults. I’m sorry but you lack the wisdom to understand where I have been or what I’m saying.

    Not much point in trying to communicate with someone who works at your level.

  • Jim D


    You are full of hate and envy. I pity you.

  • Drumlins Rock

    do you think Gerry is reading this? he is bound to be pissing himself laughing, 🙂

  • John O’Connell

    He’s not the only one.

  • yikes!

    [i]He’s not the only one.[/i]


  • John O’Connell


    Giving away your secrets?

  • Mark McGreg

    Right, ignoring the bullshit and god there is a lot of it.

    Normally Gerry’s ‘folksy’ blogs leave me cold, I usually end up thinking this is a serious politician writing while drunk – I previously highlighted the one about air travel and fairies that made me think ‘wtf’.

    This one, even though it talks about drinking, isn’t like many of the other whimsical pieces. It really does seem to capture a mood, an atmosphere, a conversation and a friendship.

    It is a really good blog and I hate him for writing it ;0)

  • John O’Connell

    It really does seem to capture a mood, an atmosphere, a conversation and a friendship.

  • John O’Connell

    That’s not to mention a desire to please the male of the species with his little story. Could this be unconscious homosexuality which they say runs thick through republicanism and unionism.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Mark Mc Greg,

    I think Grizzly does folksy very well and this was a good-un – and a strong hint of the great man Flann?



    I prefer no to dwell on good, solid, Irish Republicans taking the battle to the Englezes in the supermarkets and in the poultry farms – a weeny bit embarassing.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    re. homosexuality

    do you feel a certain togetherness with the DUP on this issue?

  • John O’Connell


    re homosexuality. No, my only desire is to point it out.

    But I do contend that God is a Woman and that the masculine themes of republicanism and unionism are unnatural and furthermore they are what has been defined by Jesus as evil. They must repent and seek to be like the emasculated woman. That’s how progress is made in the age of no war that is about to begin.

  • igor

    “unconscious homosexuality”

    … forgive me but how can you be ‘unconsciously’ homosexual. In my experience if someone very attractive walks past I often rise to the occasion. Its a dead give-away but perhaps if I pray hard enough (or sacrifice a goat) it will go away

  • John O’Connell


    … forgive me but how can you be ‘unconsciously’ homosexual.

    You need to ask Gerry Adams about that. Apparently he’s looking in and pissing himself laughing. But when your first instinct is to vere towards the extremely masculine option of violence rather than female dialogue, you can see where his youthful loyalties lay, with the father rather than the mother.

  • Mick Fealty

    John, pack it in!!!

  • HeadTheBall

    “It is a really good blog and I hate him for writing it”

    Indeed, Mark. I was surprised to find that he can write like this, the debt to Flann O’Brien acknowledged.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Hi “sick of listening to crap”, and “gerry adams favourite henchman,”….

    Least you forget, gerry adams recently lied about his experiences while in prison…he got caught because of his pride…trying to make the “Story” sound better…he lied about a song that the prisoners sang…in fact it wasn’t even written when he wrote the story occured.

    Now we have adams with this chicken story…just days after millions of Americans…watched and cheered for the ‘chicken catcher’….Adams is intuned to what is happening in America…he gets most of his money here….Gerry doesn’t have an original thought and will use or say what he thinks he needs get him what he wants. Right now adams isn’t thought about very highly so what do you think he feels will make people like him…the man? A folksy story about…chickens. Even some people commenting thought it was a nice story–the chickens worked for Skinner and the chickens gerry hoped would work for him …and yes, …I did get it right.

  • good grief
  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi good grief, a picture is worth a thousand words…and this one speaks volumes.