“It is very serious and highly organised”

Originally charged in April 2007 after being observed by an army surveillance team, three men were sentenced today to 15 years each in connection with the discovery of a mortar bomb and launching tube near Lurgan, County Armagh. And the BBC reports, “There have been distubances in Lurgan, County Armagh, with a lorry and a van hijacked and burnt-out.”

SDLP assembly member Dolores Kelly said there had been reports of armed and masked men in parts of the town and that the violence was “futile”. “The trouble was anticipated by both police and the community given the sentencing of three men for dissident crimes earlier,” she said. “It is very serious and highly organised, with stockpiling of petrol since yesterday, and we are getting reports of more hijackings and armed and masked men being seen in parts of the town.

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  • joeCanuck

    Armed and masked men should be called upon to surrender and, if they refuse, they should be shot providing the “normal” citizenry isn’t put at risk.

  • barnshee

    1.Armed and masked men should be called upon to surrender and, if they refuse, they should be shot providing the “normal” citizenry isn’t put at risk.

    nope– we tried that and they all get transformed into patriots

    best leave them where they repeats ” we don`t live there if they want to make it an even bigger shithole-carry on”

    PS don`t forget to pass GO and collect yer dole money

  • Sean


    Nice to see you have a modern progresive mind set

    (does this thing have an irony function)

  • Coll Ciotach

    The masked men get police escorts in Larne.

  • igor

    Coll Ciotach

    That’s because they are the new oppressed and need help. Do try and keep up with the programme

  • igor

    “It is very serious and highly organised, with stockpiling of petrol since yesterday,”

    ….so did PSNI get in and nip it in the bud? Or did they have to consult ‘community leaders’ and fill in 15 different forms in triplicate first so we can expect to see them on site on Tuesday week?

    By the way, when the Shinners seek to be the ‘community leaders’ in an area, who can PSNI consult for permission to do anything

  • Intelligence Insider

    If we had shot these “innocent” bomb carriers what is the betting sf/sdlp would have been asking for public inquiries?

  • borderline

    “Armed and masked men should be called upon to surrender and, if they refuse, they should be shot providing the “normal” citizenry isn’t put at risk.”

    And shot by armed men, obviously. So it’s the masks that bother you is it turncoat Joe? Or is it the local accents?

  • KieranJ

    These three young men are patriots.

    Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.

  • Intelligence Insider

    KieranJ, I’d so love to give you more “Patriot Dead”. I have to say in all honesty, not “playing the man”, I’d be happy if every single member of the republican movement was dead. I’d gladly have taken more of you out myself but we had rules of engagement to live by.

  • joeCanuck

    turncoat Joeand local accents

    I don’t know from what fantasy/delusion you drew that, Borderline.

    But for the record, I do support, in principle, armed insurrection in non-democratic situations where there is no alternative.
    Such is not the present case in Ireland. An armed insurrection did occur and ended in a Treaty which gave people in both both parts of Ireland a form of democracy.
    How well that democracy served all of the N.I. electorate in the past is a separate matter, but even SF and the PIRA both now accept that changes must come from the ballot box not armalites.

  • igor



    “An armed insurrection did occur but ended in defeat and a Treaty “

  • igor

    Well then Kieran why don’t you move to one of those estates in Lurgan and join them? The world is full of wannabes (in this context often in the USA) with cod Irish roots who need Irish ‘patriotism’ as an emotional crutch. Prove you are not one of them.

  • Scaramoosh

    A biiter blow no doubt, to the highly delusional seven-member Army Council of the Continuity IRA, who still hold themselves out to be the legitimate government of the Irish people….

    Inteliigence Insider; “we had rules of engagement to live by” …..

    It looks like it may soon become clear just what those rules were;


  • Jo

    The area which experienced this violence has an extremely long history of such events and consequent deprivation. I should imagine many houses in Kilwilkie have no-one working – and that that situation has persisted for at least a generation. Such areas exist in many urban areas of the UK and Ireland – only in some NI towns does this provide the feeding ground for unthinking, unintelligent non-political violence which just happens, in this instance, to have a Republican veneer.

    I heard someone suggest this morninn that the entire place be bulldozed – where most outsiders would disagree with that is only on whether the people there should be asked to leave their houses first…?

    I think they might be happy to go. Then again, if some see a railway service providing transport for ordinary people as something of an opporessive mechanism to be attacked and disrupted, I have no idea where those particular people should be put, except perhaps a few miles northwards – in Lough Neagh..? 🙂

  • The police are going away you know …

    These figures probably don’t include the current deficit in ‘frontline’ police resources which stands at over 700 for NI as a whole.

  • Máirtín Ó Catháin

    It’s amazing the kind of inane and hateful stuff that passes as commentary here. I’m quite sure neither state murder nor forced re-settlement will contribute anything positive to this society. I’m equally sure that while there are a few lunatics in the Kilwilkie estate, the majority of people who live there have no hand, act or part in the futile and idiotic activities of small armed groups like this.

  • Jo

    Well, the response should/will be: film them, identify them, jail them.

    When the riots reignite following these jailings, then: film them, identify them, jail them.

    And so on…

  • Jo, its interesting to hear your opinion on the realocation of housing for the kilwilkie residents (lough neagh) but you say the railway servise provides transport for ordinary people. This is simply not true, whilst getting the train to school every day I have realised long ago that trains are simply to expensive for the majority of “less fortunate” members of society and so why not attack the servise that offers unaffordable prices for the privalged?

  • Reader

    KieranJ: These three young men are patriots.
    But do you find the rest of the Irish population a terrible, terrible, disappointment? And, honestly, do you feel you measure up to the standard set by those three?

  • Intelligence Insider

    Lets be honest about it, these guys are educationally subnormal. Let them have their wishes, after all it is only wishes! There will never, ever be an ireland united the way the republicans want it.

  • Jo

    I realise that I am contradicting myself, but I think I’ll not respond to post 19 – and let that speak for itself.