If you inform yourself, you can trust yourself

But not these guys apparently – more ad hominem attacks Lisbon Videos


Generation Yes

  • Thanks Mack

    Although I am ‘very slightly’ subjective on Lisbon, what struck me about the yes video was its failure to deal with any of the big issues around the EU’s democratic deficit, it simply attempted to tar all those who are involved in the no campaign with extremism. Which seemed to me like they were stuck in a cold war/war on terror time warp.

    True the No camp dealt mainly in personalities, but I feel they have a point as the Yes campaign consists of the very people who sleep walked into the recession, so their judgement is relevant.

    Although I shuddered when the no camp raised abortion and immigration in what I regarded as an opportunistic and reactionary way. I can see why they might raise these issues, but they should know better when doing so than to ape the BNP.

  • Great stuff…..but what’s a ‘scientician’?

    From the Generation Yes video…..

  • Drumlins Rock

    i think the NO vote has it, both very good but the NO one was just that bit snappier 🙂

  • smcgiff

    Ah Coir, what can’t we all just wear a cilice and get along!

    The No campaign are still throwing as much excrement around, hoping it sticks – well, it did work for them the last time.

  • Ulick

    The Trotsky photo at the start of the ‘Generation Yes’ video has been doctored. The original doesn’t have the naked bodies and is simply Trotsky addressing a crowd.

  • That’s OK, Ulick, because we all know Trotski was a great guy and not a guilty of war crimes at all…

  • The Coir video – oh yeah, let’s trust a bunch of loonie fundamentalists who think the Vatican should take over Ireland and are lying that the Lisbon treaty will cut the minimum wage to under €2 an hour.

    Epic fail!

  • Faolchu

    Personally I would be a supporter of the ‘yes’ campaign for the Lisbon Referendum. However that piece of condescending drivel that marks the Generation Yes campaign quite annoyed me.

    Their arguments against Sinn Fein and Eirigi were laughable. Martin Ferris picking up two men in a car. What the hell has that got to do with the make-up of the Lisbon treaty!?

    And Eirigi’s was even worse.
    They claimed that a man involved in the shootings in March was formerly connected to their party. Again so what. The main point was that he HAD been. And like Sinn Fein, no mention of what this had anything to do with the actual point at hand.

    The ‘No’ camp continually get lambasted for scare tactics but this seems worse if anything. Jerry McCabe’s killers and a two dead British soldiers. Excuse me if I can’t join the dots…

  • Danny O’Connor

    For what died the sons of Róisin?

  • Dave

    “For what died the sons of Róisin?”

    For the ECB to redeem government bonds given to banks so that these private businesses can repay their debts to other private businesses within the eurosystem. Welcome to the modern post-nationalist, post-democratic, post-sovereign Ireland.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Dave,” when we have sold enough of Ireland,to be but strangers in it.”

  • What’s a ‘scientician’? (0:45 on the Generation Yes video).