The enduring scar of sectarianism

David McKittrick, in yesterday’s Indie, writes:
“There have been 65 emergency re-housing cases in the five months since April; the total for the whole of last year was 100……………………A total of 1,500 sectarian attacks – an average of four a day – were recorded in the past year, almost exactly the same as in the previous 12 months………Last year, north Belfast, a traditionally deeply divided area, notched up 560 sectarian incidents, more than a third of those recorded in the whole of Northern Ireland…………… racially motivated attacks, which are now running at a rate of almost 1,000 a year.”
It’s the volume that is scary.

There’s a leading article also:
“There is no magic way of eradicating those 1,500 sectarian incidents, but addressing the existing marching problems is vital. So too is giving a much greater priority to the issue of community relations, for to date politicians have concentrated most of their energies on bedding in the new settlement. But if that figure is to be reduced a new focus is needed, a new attempt to make Northern Ireland a less restless society”
Perhaps that should read “a less restless society in the summer”.

Update – Slightly more positive from the Economist.