Weir wants to know if Parsley will replace Hermon?

Another pretender to Lady Sylvia’s North Down Westminster seat is DUP MLA Peter Weir, who quickly leaps on an obvious question (and one that, no doubt, he hopes will distract from his own party’s hokey cokeying views on whether to consult or not consult their Executive colleagues):

“This is an intriguing development. Since the European election, Ian has managed to travel quite a distance. At the time of the European election, he was describing himself as the most pro-European candidate. Now he has joined a supposedly Eurosceptic party. People will want to know what has prompted such a move. Suggestions of candidature for Westminster elections have been floated by commentators.

Reg Empey needs to come clean. Is this an opening prelude to deselecting Lady Hermon? This is an important question and it won’t be going away. The people of North Down deserve to know if the UUP, in order to appease their Tory bosses are going to stab their single MP in the back and replace her on the ticket with Ian Parsley”, said the DUP MLA.


  • DR

    Peter knows all about travelling some distance himself, and there are planty of pro european tories, even their shadow business spokesman, as for the selections, none has been made yet, lets say the tories put IJP forward as their man and the UUP put Sylvia, the sitting MP would i’m sure prevail, but for her to go forward she has to agree to the joint ticket, I guess this mite force her hand sonner than expected but who knows she mite play it up to selection time.
    On the other hand Strangford isnt far away for IJP, and it will be all the one District for most of the next parliment so he mite go there.

  • boss hogg

    The DUP really need to ask themselves is Weir the right person to win them the North Down seat ??????????

  • DC

    Lady Sylvia should join New Labour, or make moves to sort it out.

    Then it would be extremely interesting and freshen things up a little here.

  • Lady Sylvia should join New Labour, or make moves to sort it out.

    Isn’t that still against party policy?

  • Wrinklie Jane

    Jane wants to know what replaced Weir’s anti-agreement views

  • “Isn’t that still against party policy?”

    Labour party policy? Still a grey area- she should now force their hand and find out for sure. Real UK politics at the next general Election in N.Down with the various nats howling from the sidelines- it’s a great prospect!

  • DC

    I tend to agree, Labour Party policy is weird, here we have David Cameron tapping up all available like-minded talent, whereas on the other hand Labour debars people to stand for election here.

    All of this against the backdrop of clause IV reform and the Belfast/Good Friday agreement.

    It’s nuts. The Guardian columnists have the making of Labour at the moment, sleep walking into a electoral beheading, yet the deal between the electorate still isn’t sealed. Maybe Sylvia can wake up the Labour bigwigs over in Westminster or something.

  • loki

    Post #2 I see young easton’s still bigging himself up

  • boss hogg


    Was thinking more of bringing in Simon Hamilton – Easton is good but does not seem interested from what hear.

  • loki

    Surely the bould Simon will be running in North Down? I hear Iris no longer wants to play?

  • DerTer

    Mick: How can you possibly justify opening a new thread on this ‘Parsley/Alliance defection/Hermon succession’ topic only eight minutes after you began the previous one? You could so easily have contributed this to the earlier one, and in the process made it even more interesting.

  • WhiteKnight

    Peter Weir left a pro-Agreement party because he claimed to be anti-Agreement.

    He then joined a pretend anti-Agreement party which quickly outed itself as a pro-Agreement party.

    And why is it that the only role Weir has in the DUP is that of putting the boot into his former party?

    Again, why the sudden concern for Lady H? Didn’t she ‘do’ him over a few years ago when she got him removed from the role of the UUP’s Parliamentary candidate?

    It says something about the former state of the UUP that he was once regarded as a ‘riding star.’ But at least the DUP seem to recognise his true worth!


  • WhiteKnight


    I didn’t mean to describe the bachelor Mr. Weir as a ‘riding star.’


  • igor

    “Can she join New Labour?”

    Dont they still have racial discrimination against people from Norn Iron.

  • igor

    I think this is a great move.

    Parsley was always a favourite with a huge following and we look forward to great things fro teh Conservatives in North Down

  • elvis parker

    The only person whose stabbed Hermon is herself.
    I look forward to her running as ‘Unlucky’ Gordon’s chief apologist in NI
    Poor Peter – in a Parsley/Hermon show down he will get ignored

  • Mick Fealty

    You seem very certain Elvis…

  • DC

    If Lady Sylvia joined Labour it would be an extremely principled stance (as given the electoral climate Labour would be a non-careerist but ’cause’ choice), it would also help split the UUP up and bolster the Conservatives here as the more centre-left would leave to build a base around Sylvia (or so you would think).

    On that note, good luck to everyone, to echo ONeill: the more mainstream the better.

  • YelloSmurf

    Dont they [Labour] still have racial discrimination against people from Norn Iron.

    No Igor, they removed that clause a few years ago. But you’re right, it’s not a ringing endorsement of people living in Northern Ireland by the Labour Party.

  • borderline

    Hmmm. Let’s have a look at the probabilities here.

    Very strong that Cameron will be next British PM.

    And Parsley has an excellent chance of the ND seat. Flexibility and duplicity are strengths, not weaknesses in modern politics.

    So Parsley could well be a player in the next British Govt, in NI matters.

    And perhaps, in his heart, he is still not a Unionist.

    In such a scenario, he will need all his flexibility and duplicitousness to cope with a nastier, increasingly active IRA. And explaining to DC the differences, perhaps ultimately irreconcilable, between North Down, South Armagh, and other parts.

  • DC

    At just after 1am I’ve had a more enlightened thought, I actually think Peter Weir should mind his own business.