UVF have decommissioned their arms…

It sounds as though the UVF have been given the green light regarding “putting its arms beyond use” by the IIRC… Just the UDA (though some of them are saying it will happen in February), INLA, Real IRA, Continuity IRA, Óglaigh na hÉireann to go then… It’s tempting to say don’t hold your breathe, but when we interviewed David Ervine back in March 2003, it was something he could not even foresee, never mind encourage to take place… It’s a strange place we’ve got to… Maybe stranger (and better?) things are yet to happen… If the UDA do leave the field that will leave only dissident Republicans groups left on their own…

  • steve white

    no dissident unionists left?

  • IRIA

    Do their baseball bats count? Then again, they don’t need bats. 40 against 1 does the trick.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Until it happens, it is all talk, Mick.

  • OC

    “In its latest report, the IICD also confirms that the UVF has completed decommissioning.”

    For the UVF, it has happened.

  • Chris Donnelly


    Not only dissident republicans; the Orange Volunteers have claimed responsibility for most of the latest loyalist attacks, including bombing attempts over the summer. It would appear that ‘label’ is the one of choice in a post-decomissioning era…

  • “Maybe stranger (and better?) things are yet to happen”

    It’s good to see some of the munitions put beyond use but the ‘decommissioning’ of paramilitary control of local communities and paramilitary organised crime wings is making limited progress.

    The dwindling resources and impotence of the PSNI are regularly catalogued on Slugger and the political affiliates of the slightly constitutional paramilitary organisations are also looking increasingly vulnerable in the house-by-house street-by-street tussle for territory. It’s enough to make you dizzy 🙁

  • “Not only dissident republicans”

    Indeed, Chris. It looks as if London and Dublin’s ‘chosen’ loyalist and republican paramilitary godfathers are steadily being ‘outflanked’ in the mean streets by ‘dissidents’ in both camps.

  • J. Walsh

    “Just the UDA (though some of them are saying it will happen in February), INLA, Real IRA, Continuity IRA, Óglaigh na hÉireann to go then”

    And the officials, surely?

  • J. Walsh

    “no dissident unionists left?”

    Again, the Official IRA perhaps?

    I kid, I kid…

  • Stiofán

    The UVF – they’re ‘arm-less… oh forget it!

  • Dread Cthulhu

    OC: “For the UVF, it has happened. ”

    Feh — we’ve been told it happened.

    Will there be the same fudges as they trotted out for PIRA? Do you honestly believe that every rifle, sidearm, shotgun, shell and cartridge has *really* been turned in?

    Then again, maybe they just don’t think they need ’em anymore… a couple guys armed with nine-irons would seem to be more than enough to intimidate the PSNI.