Brown u-turn on Libyan compensation for victims of PIRA atrocities

On Saturday night Brian noted the Sunday Times story about Gordon Brown’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for pursuing the Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi for compensation for the victims of Provisional IRA terrorism. Today the BBC reports that the Prime Minister has announced that there will be appointed “dedicated officers in the Foreign Office and our Embassy in Tripoli who will accompany the campaign group to meetings with the Libyan government to negotiate compensation, the first of which will be in the next few weeks.” From the BBC report

Mr Brown said he thought the IRA victims themselves, not the government, stood the best chance of persuading Libya to compensate them. He said: “I desperately care about the impact of all IRA atrocities on the victims, their families and communities. “The Libyans have refused to accept a treaty or normal intergovernmental agreement on this issue. “As a result, our judgement has been that the course more likely to bring results is to support the families and their lawyers in their legal representations to the Libyan authorities.”

Adds Gerry’s been on the phone, again – “I spoke to Downing Street and to Shaun Woodward this morning on this issue.” [I’m sure he did – Ed] And BBC report – “Libya’s 30-year link to the IRA”. Although from the dates given it’s closer to 40 years.