Welsh Blog round up

Now getting spoilt. The excellent Waleshome.org has a good essay on the future of Welsh Labour.
Syniadau has been doing the detail on Welsh Medium Education. Three consecutive posts, Trimsaran, Caerffili and Risca.
Adam on American urban decline. Tory economist Dylan discusses entrepreneurship in Wales – No Good Boyo – wonderfully – on Polish-Lithuanian relationships.
The continual riduculous saga on the translation of the record of Assembly proceedings continues to rumble. Note the strength of the Tory observations on Betsan’s blog
Finally, Plaid’s done wonders for Llandudno according to ramblings.

  • willis

    I yield to no-one in my admiration of Adam Price, even better live.

    From American urban decline.

    What after all are the ‘corner boys’ and ‘drug dealers’ of the Wire but armour-plated suppliers in the ultimate free-wheeling, unregulated, profit-and-market-share-maximising and literally cut-throat market-place of them all. But hang on – isn’t Grayling’s party the champion of unbridled capitalism? As Clay Davis might say in the show: Sheeeeeee-yit!!

    Still he has the problem that a compliment can be so good it seems like an insult to a metropolitan elite.

    My seemingly off-the-cuff comment about the ‘good country solicitor’ was latched upon as a gaffe but was part of a deliberate attempt to emphasise Ieuan’s strengths : dependability, attention to detail, rootedness, approachability, a sense of leadership as service.