Forgetting to change

After the European election Martina Purdy had a little fun at the TUV’s expense, pointing out that Jim Allister took several weeks before removing the title of MEP from his website’s front page. However, it is interesting that another person who changed designation in this case just before that election has not made any such changes. Our Slugger O’Toole councillor of the year Deirdre Nelson who was praised for her “blog like news roll” and indeed has been a periodic contributor to this site used to be in the DUP (and did say some fairly sharp things about the UUP and Conservatives in the past – comment 21). As some may remember Ms. Nelson left the DUP and joined the Conservatives just before the European election; unfortunately not only is the “blog like news roll” a bit out of date but according to her own web site on Ballymena Council she is still in the DUP. Maybe she misses them?

Update: Since I did this blog the link to Ms. Nelson’s web site on which it still said she was a DUP councillor has gone down. It was there when I first put the blog up: coincidence I am sure.

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