Unanswered, and unasked, questions

According to Cherie Blair, speaking on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show, the four children of the former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, have Irish passports – due to their paternal grandmother’s nationality. Cherie Blair wasn’t asked, and didn’t offer an answer to, the question of whether they also hold UK passports.. There were also no enquiries into the supernatural situation.. Despite the Faith Foundation. Nor were there any enquiries into any of those helpful international interventions.. nor of the examples of plagiarism. Just another example of self-censorship?

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  • RepublicanStones

    Pete you don’t seem to have much experience with ‘Late Late’. Its not Hardtalk, or Paxo.

  • DC

    Pete, this for me sums up the Late Show:

  • Mick Fealty

    It was Tubs debut… his ratings on Twitter were very high, but I think RS (and many of the rest of us) underestimates the substantial role Gaybo played in ‘bumping’ the Republic into ‘Le Moyen Âge’… Largely against its will…

  • JD

    Pete – Blair talked to the taigs and made progress. You seem like an intelligent person. Lets move on…..

  • RepublicanStones

    Mick, big difference between old Gaybo playin the role of the nations Granda ‘bumping’ us along and the kind of questioning Pete thinks the show should have. What next? the christmas special where Turbidy grills the toy manufacturers sans jumper?

  • Thereyouarenow

    Blair may need a bolt hole when his duplicity reguarding the Iraq war is completely revealed.

    Ireland should not be that bolt hole for this treasonous a**e licker.

  • Jonathan McCullough

    There is nothing to stop an RC becoming Prime Minister. Perhaps when the roman catholic church allows protestants to become pope we can also allow our monarch, head of the Anglican church, to be a roman catholic.

  • oisineire

    Jonathan I’m afraid your comment was ever so slightly…er…stupid.

  • “supernatural situation..”

    OMG, is ‘supernatural’ destined to join the steeples of Fermanagh in the realm of dreariness?

  • >The fact that a Catholic cannot hold the PM’s office…

    Is that the case? I don’t think there is any legal bar to RCs for PM.

  • Jonathan McCullough

    I’d love to know why you think so? Please let me know if you think a roman catholic should have the right to become Head of the Church of England and vice versa.

  • Observer

    Well, mixing up church and state is a problem, for a start. Most states try to avoid this, given the barbaric extremism, based on irrational faith, that religions are capable of.
    There really is no difference between the current British stance on this and the Iranian position.

  • Reader

    USA: The fact that a Catholic cannot hold the PM’s office…
    Who told you that? I bet it was a Shinner…