“We’re about giving out information and debating it…”

This is mostly notes for posterity… but former Ivan Yates on yesterday’s Breakfast Show on Newstalk works Coir Spokesman to the bone… But Hickey makes it clear where that €1.84 figure comes from… He should tell his colleague Peter Murphy, who made the false claims we reported here on Slugger yesterday… Sound file here.

Poster from The Emergency…

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  • Jer

    Coir are a godsend for the YES side. I said it many times before that COIR would get a more prominent role in this campaign than their real level of support would accord them.

    And why not. If you supported Yes then you’d have COIR billed as a NO side leading group as well.

  • Mick Fealty

    Early days Jer. We’re just looking at the media splash from their poster campaign. We’ll do our best to get best of the No side into our Lisbon essay series..

  • Henry94


    In so far as the vote will not be about Lisbon it will be about Brian Cowen and his government. Not Coir.

    Fianna Fail are in third place in a poll in the Irish Times tomorrow. Can a government that unpopular win a referendum? I honestly don’t see how.

  • Jer

    Mick, indeed! I have a suspicion that Coir will be a lead ticket. Lets see if thats founded.

    Henry94, I think the economy will be the issue that people vote on. You are right Coir wont be the debating topic but I cynically think thar RTE will jump at using Coir.

    I believe that Lisbon will be independent of FF. I fear it will be passed despite the hate people have for FF.

  • Logo


    Why has slugger became so south of the border leaning in recent times.

    I mean just look at the blogs, they are all either about the Irish language, the GAA or Pete Baker and he fcuking aliens (which no one gives a shit about).

    Also Mick take a look at your bloggers, you have GGN DEWI Connal, Sullivan, Mack joined recently and not one of them blogs anything related to Unionism. With the exception of Dewi they are all Nationalist.

    Mick you have to be brutal to be honest

  • Mick Fealty


    You’re right. We have done a lot. But to be fair there is a lot to report. Some of it, like Lisbon, is of contingent interest to NI.

    We also do a fair amount on GB politics, but that seems barely to attract a great deal of comment. We have one good story brewing at moment. But it’s taking a little bit of collating to get the measure of it.

    And Dewi’s a Welsh nationalist. I do have a bunch of offers on the table from prospective Unionist bloggers, which I am overdue to get back to. Thanks for the prompt!

  • tanem
  • Henry94


    A chap started a thread on politics.ie yesterday asking for a way to hide the stories about the north. So there are people on both sides complaining if that makes you feel any better.

  • RepublicanStones

    Logo, i am sure you are not representative of all unionism, what with your apparent desire for more introverted, insular and parochial threads 😉