The Technology of Language Learning

Yesterday’s Western Mail describes the fairly astonishing progress of this new Web site for Welsh learners. 3,800 registered users so far. Some of the tributes from all over the world:
“Since I’m from Germany, I did not have a very good access to courses etc – up until now!
Yesterday, I tried the first lesson of the course and I can only say: WOW. This is MUCH more fun and effective than any textual explanations.
Now I always listen to it on my way to school and back, while I’m on my bike.
Thank you very much for making this course: you can be assured that I will recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Welsh!”
Deniz Tahtakin, Wildeshausen, Germany
are impressive:
“I have learned to speak more Welsh in 15 days than 50 years – brilliant!!
Janet Aldridge, Flint”
I love the statement at the end:
“If you like the sound of that, and would like to give it a go, you can have a free 30-day trial.
No, sorry, you can’t, we’re just pulling your leg.
The whole course is free…:-)”