Love Irish Food?

As reported here, the new “Love Irish Food” campaign could not have been launched at a better time. At least those Irish British chickens will no longer be, erm, confused. As for Máirtín’s turkey.. It’s the economy, stupid! To clarify, from the Notes to Editors in the press release [pdf file].

Love Irish Food is a privately funded independent organisation established to promote Irish food and drink brand to consumers. Membership of the organisation is based on strict criteria stating that participating food and drinks brands must be manufactured here in the Republic of Ireland.

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  • joeCanuck

    Talking about food:

    A man was sitting on the sofa watching TV when he heard his wife’s voice from the kitchen.
    “What would you like for dinner Love ? Chicken, beef or lamb ?”
    He said, “I’ll have chicken, please.”
    “Shut up. You’re having soup. I was talking to the dog.”

  • one of the guys

    Big deal-Doesn’t the North have a similar thing with the PONI scheme and logo?

    Where’s the story here?

  • Curly Baker

    There’s no story – it’s just another opportunity for him to be puerile. He claimed to be supporting the “Irish” cricket team last week. Fool. His interest in astronomy reminds me of Curly Watts’. I’d say he probably has as much success with women, too.

  • oldruss

    Two of the best brands associated with Ireland are Guinness and Jamesons. Bottle of Jamesons Distillery Reserve I bought at Midleton, Co. Cork has proven to be the most expensive bottle of whiskey I have ever purchased.

  • When the world was young, o best beloved …

    … a pair of … err, politically-incorrect comment alert! … good-looking — nay, pneumatic — sisters arrived at Trinity College, Dublin. Their reputation was for ever sullied when it was rumoured one had been “Miss Ulster Bacon”.

  • oldruss @ 09:02 PM:

    The last time I was round the Bushmills distillery, which must have been soon after the millennium, they were bottling Jameson.

    Somebody once explained this; but the detail escaped me. I was more concerned with the spirit of the thing.

  • oldruss

    Malcolm Redfellow.

    Found this note on Irish Whiskey Notes.
    “Up until the 1960s, the Jameson distillery did not bottle its own whiskey for sale in the Irish market. Instead it supplied whiskey by the cask to independent bottlers who bottled it and sold it to the public.

    If my memory serves, the Midleton distillery was bottling Jamesons when I visited in 1997; and the Distillery Reserve bottle was marketed as being available only at the Midleton distillery.

  • Comrade Stalin

    There’s a lot of inconsistency. They obviously mean only the 26 counties.

    But if they extended their remit to the 32 counties, operations like Coca-Cola Bottlers in Lambeg would be “Irish food”.

  • iluvni

    Might be intersting if these products appear in NI with the ‘Love Irish’ logo.
    I recall, maybe 10 years ago, a NI distributor refusing to send out bogrolls with a ‘Guaranteeed Irish’ logo stamped on them. Back across the border they went.

  • Pete Baker

    For those unable to find the ball – loving your work Curly! – look further.


    Any inconsistency, such as it is, exists between the Irish government’s self-declared patriotism and their readiness to sign the best value [for the state] contracts available – with companies outside the state.

    But with the IFA [chickens] and the “Love Irish Food” campaign? Not so much.

  • f*cking hell


    just had a phone call, you’ll never believe this: apparently Gerry Adams has been seen on numerous occassions loitering in the general vacinity of various chicken coops in areas such as south Armagh, east Tyrone and even as far away as west Cork.

    I wonder can you shed any further light on these sinister developments?

  • LGO

    A bit off-topic, but I was recently putting together a marketing plan for someone. I asked a third party in the know about these things, about whether to use dot co dot uk, dot ie, or go the extra few quid for dot com.

    None of the above, he replied. He advised small business clients, especially B-2-B clients on this island, that if they are looking to sell North (or South, depending on your point of view), to go with the dot net, org or other configurations.

    Go figure.

  • Coll Ciotach

    I think we can all agree with the sentiments behind these schemes however they always fail as people buy according to the price/quality mix.

  • elvis parker

    I hope that Sinn Fein are quick to condemn this partitionist nonsense.
    This is directly as a result of the fact that a few NI companies have picked up a few contracts down South

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    “Irish Food”…..well, but isn’t it basically sorta “British” food …..and basically it’s kinda, well…..basic. The “Full Irish” aka the “Full English” as well as Sunday roasts etc…the zenith of British (and Irish) cooking. Poor Popish Paddy being reduced to eating just spuds or a concoction of any old slop called stew or stirrabout so any indigenous recipes and cooking were lost in time.
    BTW the Brits must thank the French for their Sunday roast “beouf” dinners, but as Jacques Cherac said a few years ago that British food was basically boring and tasteless.

    We all must be very grateful for multi-culturalism for the wonderful choice of foods we have now today to please the palate, even British and Irish food have come a long way from the days of corn beef and cabbage.

    Gréagóir O Frainclín

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘Love Irish Food?’

    Prefer spanish tbh. We do have the odd nice stew though, but tried that coddle stuff once and was singuarly unimpressed (is it just a dooblin ting?)

    As regards whiskey I don’t think we have anything which equates to our gaelic brethern’s Glenffiddich or Laphroaig. Nobody does single malt quite like the scots.

  • Dev

    Spuds .. cabbage .. bacon .. brown sauce .. yes please!