Mourning à la Twitter

There has already been several posts on Slugger about the passing of Ted Kennedy, but an interesting advent to the spectacle has been the creation of the ‘Kennedy Family’ Twitter account (@kennedynews). The account went live yesterday, with a tweet reading: “This is the official account of the Kennedy family and staff. Will be used for info about memorial and funeral activities. #tedkennedy”

Since then, there have been 40 further posts and the account has garnered 5,220 followers at the last count (likely to grow significantly as word spreads ahead of the funeral).

Whether it’s morbid self-promotion by the those associated with Camelot or a useful way of bypassing the mainstream and online media to convey information directly to the public, there will undoubtedly be many people with an interest in the arrangements and developments around the last journey of Senator Kennedy who will find the service useful or interesting.