Total Politics Blogs listings…

Iain Dale’s releasing this year’s complex listing for UK blogs… Slugger’s done reasonably well on two of the sublists so far… Number one for Northern Ireland… and Number Six (down from two) in the Non Aligned Blogs… We seem to have been squeezed down four by Paul Waugh’s excellent blog for the Evening Standard and, I think, Miserable Old FartUK Polling Report… And, er, Nick Robinson… Given the quality of the opposition, not a bad result… My review of the Irish blogosphere is again included in this year’s Total Politics Guide… which should be out a couple of weeks before Lisbon.. which may prove timely for this year’s analysis…

  • Congratulations, etc., etc.

    Quite frankly, whatever the ranking, I feel the debate here is as good as it gets anywhere. That is why I return, like the dog to its … whatever, despite the “For crying out loud!” moments (e.g. that blasted ad for fag-addicts in pubs).

    But you knew there was a “however” on the way. So:

    However, the poll was self-selecting in two respects.

    First, as I understand it, to qualify for consideration a site had to be registered with Total Politics. My qualms there are the arrogance of the name (“total” it isn’t: “politics” is considerably wider than the corridors of Westminster) and the source. What it amounts to (on the couple of occasions I picked the magazine off the shelf) is “personality politics”, ideologically-vapid. While I enjoy Iain Dale from a discreet distance, the seed-money is “Lord” Ashcroft’s, and the complexion of the “editorial board” looks cliquish. If that’s the club, I’m with Groucho.

    Second, the response was some thousand or so committed souls, many — if not most — recruited by sites advertising themselves and begging support. Hmmm. My impression is the blogosphere of these parts is considerably wider, and much of it more sophisticated than that.

    Yeah, yeah: I await the sour-grapery. Now here’s a funny thing: about a month ago my two sites suddenly registered a very large uptick: up to a factor of ten fold. Compared to the “pornstat” that Iain Dale and others can boast, that’s still small stuff. Even so, I shall endeavour to use the trigger-term, by mentioning John Humphrys, the Splott rottweiler, on any suitable occasion.

  • We seem to have been squeezed down four

    The definition of non-aligned seems to have been expanded to include some MSM blogs.

  • …and N.Irish Conservative and Unionists 😉