“Lisbon is a dead duck, a goner, not a hope in hell”…

This one comes courtesy of reader Paddy Matthews in the comment zone here. Deaglán de Breadun with the bad/good news from inside Leinster House:

I was told by a highly-experienced (and pro-EU) Fianna Fáil backbencher the farmers are voting against en bloc and don’t pay any attention to what their leaders are saying. (I should point out that the executive council of the Irish Farmers’ Association has voted unanimously to recommend a Yes to Lisbon.) But surely the possibility of negative economic results will deter people from voting No a second time, I suggested? Another TD, from the Labour side, said he believed there was a “death-wish” among the electorate.

Hardly conclusive, but indicative of a dire fatalism in the heart of the Irish parliament… Did Libertas not run because they didn’t have to…? And it’s a further indication that some of those suits really are empty just now