In passing, another Slugger exclusive…

Looks like the Belfast Telegraph, UTV and the BBC picked up that we blogged here on Slugger on Saturday morning

  • RepublicanStones

    Is there a Slugger t-shirt on the way to the person who spotted him first?

  • willis

    There are Slugger t-shirts!

  • Mick Fealty

    Patience guys, all in good time.. Coming this Autumn… (another Slugger exclusive ;-))

  • I’m another troll fol de rol…


    Rather than one of your exclusives Mick….I see that it was a statement from Unionist MLA Tom Elliott that the papers refer to you and which this morning’s Nolan Show and afternoon’s Talkback had interviews with Tom. I didn’t see or hear a mention of Slugger in any of the press / radio / tv reports of the Provo in uniform.

    I would have thought that Tom Elliott and those folk in Fermanagh & South Tyrone might have recognised the Provo…after all you only said ‘may be…..Gildernew’…..the Unionist MLA confirmed it !!!!

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin


    Here’s what you say:

    “after all you only said ‘may be… Gildernew…”

    Here’s the unexpurgated version of what I actually said:

    “Slugger is told that the guy at the back in the black military uniform may be Ruairí Gildernew, an independent member of the Dungannon DPP listed as a Sinn Fein worker and former Press Officer for the Loughgall 20 commemoration. I say may, because it’s only from the photograph; I’d be happy to hear if it is otherwise).”

    The fact we don’t get a name check in the MSM (or the UUP’s spokesman) is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is demonstrated by the datestamp and, in the case of the BBC, the use of photos first linked on Slugger. And the UUP link ( the same photo two days after we did, though they use a different YouTube video to the one we chose.

    The facts speak for themselves Mr Troll.

    Now, to a more serious matter.

    As you know you have been banned for providing misleading information about individuals on Slugger on several occasions. You even appealed a previous banning by phoning me up and telling me a tissue of lies about who you were and who you worked for.

    Continued abuse of Slugger’s comment zone will result in your real name being inserted on Slugger each time you breach your ban, unless you make a direct appeal for reinstatement as has been made clear in the past.

    I’ll happily give you a right of reply on this thread, but in general you must apply for your right to comment on Slugger again rather than use a proxy IP address to sneak back in again.

  • =

    Obviously no one in the Bel Tel, UTV or Beeb read Slugger… media as well as no Unionists !!!

  • =

    Another picture of a Provo at Galbally….Provo Frank…see it at: