A financial white paper with no figures…

Bobballs has had a look through a UUP White Paper on Finance published right in the middle of the silly season on 11th August… The paper is widely attributed to David McNarry, and it is thought was not checked or put under the scrutiny of senior colleagues, despite the fact that it makes policy suggestions like policing and justice should not be devolved for another five years. Something David Cameron has said he may defer to, but there are indications inside both parties that the report has put some backs up. Now, as Chekov notes, Sir Reg has slapped down his erstwhile colleague. He could hardly do other, since as BB demonstrates, it is a shoddy piece of work. But it may also be an indication that some inside the party, like McNarry himself, are determined to declare the party’s independence before any possible merger with the Tories (and their share of Lord Ashcroft’s marginal millions)… Too much more of this and said Tories may be tempted to call the whole thing off at the first moment convenient to them rather than the UUP. Which would likely be after May 5th next year sometime…

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  • Drumlins Rock

    I dont know what status the paper has but it certainly fits the silly season tag, maybe it is another one of McNarrys tangents, and personally i think it is premature to reduce MLAs departments and even some Quangos, as I have said before the new councils need to be up and running and and what services they will provide needs to be sorted first.
    As for the 5 yrs delay, can people not read? sloppy as the paper mite be it clearly refers to the finincial package being over 5 yrs. basically he is saying you cant trust Gordon to give what he promises as his figures never work out the way he spins them, what McNarry dosnt say is what you do if this turn out to be the case, tell westminister to take P&J back?

  • jj

    David McNarry time and again embarrasses himself with his illogical rants and stupid proposals. His performances in the chamber are laughable and his media performances dire. Has the UUP got no internal discipline to keep him out of the spotlight? The hard man of unionism doesnt quite fit when hes having coffee with the shinners in the stormont canteen or given his performances in 1998!

  • frustrated democrat

    With regard to P&J I think the Conservative position is fairly clear, they are fully in favour of the devolution of P&J when it has the necessary support within the overall community. It is however up to the parties in the Assembly to reach agreement as to when that might be and who would be in charge of it. It seems Alliance may not be committed to accepting it, according to the letter from Douglas in the Irish News. Without that committment what is the actual policy being pursued?

    With regard to funding I doubt the Conservatives would be in favour of being committed to an open ended funding policy in a time of major spending restraints, where they would’t have control of P&J policy and costs but would have the responsibilty to pay for it.

    I don’t see the Conservatives pulling out of any deal with the UUP or a move to a merger, there are things that may cause some local difficulties from time to time but I understand both parties are at one on many subjects, for example, the union and the economic reform of NI. So the things that bind them together are much stronger that the things that might be engineered pull them apart by recidivists if they actually exist.

    The only thing that might divide them in future is complete failure at the ballot box in the Westminister election and I suspect that won’t happen as their joint electoral team seems to be far ahead of anything else on offer and people really are ready for change here.