Red Hands to do battle with Rebels in Final Four

All-Ireland Champions, Tyrone, will look to book a return place in the Senior Football Championship Final today against either Kerry or Meath, but a determined- and to date impressive– Cork stand in their way. Kerry apart, no team has secured two consecutive final appearances since Armagh in 2002 and 2003. Meanwhile, the Minor semi-final matchup will see Armagh take on Kerry for a place in the final.

  • Ranger1640

    who cares who is taking on who in the GAA’s anti British, anti Unionist, pro terrorist/ pro political quasi sport.

    Until the GAA the pro terrorist, pro political quasi sport, throw off the chains of their 19th century anti British anti Unionist hatred it should not be given air time on the BBC or money from the national lottery or government grants.

    After another GAA and IRA terror hatefest in Galbally GAA club last weekend who do the GAA think they are kidding. They are a pro terror supporting anti British anti Unionist pro political quasi sorting organisation.

  • CW

    Despite Ranger’s profound words of wisdom above, it’ll be a tight game. Cork certainly have the hunger to get to a final and will take on Tyrone at their own game, probably wining the battles in the air. They’ve ben impressive in the Championship so far. A close call – Mickey Harte will need to have a few tricks up his sleeve. The heart (no pun intended) says Tyrone, but the head says Cork.

  • dunreavynomore

    Good luck to Tyrone who should do it again. Cork have a bigger team physically but that shouldn’t overawe Tyrone although in very wet conditions might be important.
    Armagh minors to beat Kerry, I hope.
    R1640, both games are on RTE but ‘your’ bbc is only showing the senior match and I wonder if that is Britain practising ‘ageism’ against the minors.Will you tell your Queen the next time you’re talking to her that I’m annoyed at her.

  • derrygonnelly harp

    I fancy Cork to beat Tyrone handily enough today. Cork have too much of a physical prescence. Tyrone aren’t used to teams putting it to them, they’ll lose the head and finish with 13 men, well-beaten and with calls for Mickey Harte’s head on a plate.Today is the end of the great Tyrone era

  • prof butty

    Will there be an IRA paramilitary display at todays game does anyone know ? and what terrorist is the cup named after ?

  • dunreavynomore


    the cup is named after a decent Protestant man called Sam maguire from the county of Cork. Cork is often known as Rebel Cork mistakenly thought to be due to that county’s role in the black and tan war but in reality it predates that by centuries and refers to cork city’s support for on old english king in dispute with another claimant to the throne. The Tyrone, meanwhile, is greater than the throne.

  • Unionist in Dublin

    As a unionist now living in Dublin, I have to laugh at my comrades who are so afraid of the gaa. If you don’t like the sport, then leave it at that. If you think you could be interested, then get involved and work to change it from within.

    I’ve been more than welcomed down here and on match day love getting together with the lads and watching the match.

    There are a lot of people eager to change the image of the gaa. I won’t lie, there’ve been a couple of people I’ve met who don’t like a unionist protestant butting into their sport, but 99.99% of people value my input.

    Tyrone, despite their ugly display of politics this week, are still my team to win it today. After all, I’m always going to support the British team! I kid, I kid!!

  • prof butty

    surely not the same Sam maguire the republican terrorist ?

    “If you don’t like the sport, then leave it at that”

    if i can have my tax back that was injected into this “sport” then i will leave it at that.

    “get involved and work to change it from within.”

    like darren graham you mean ?

    i really have to laugh at the posters here who repeatedly *insist* the GAA is not a bigoted sectarian “sporting” body, and they always throw up that old chestnut sam maguire……

    inclusive my a*se

  • GGN

    “who cares who is taking on who …”

    Most people on the Island and about 40% of the Six County population.

  • Rory Carr

    Help! I can’t find any evidence that BBC are broadcasting this game. There is no sign of it on either BBCTV1 NI or BBCTV2 NI. Can anyone enlighten me? I am in London with SKY coverage of all digital channels, but excluding pay-per-view sports.

  • dunreavynomore

    Rory, the senior game is on BBC 2 at 3 pm. At the moment Armagh minors are leading Kery 2. 06 to 8 , being shown on RTE 2.

  • Rory Carr

    Thanks, Dunreavynomore. I’ll try BBC2 NI at 3.00pm. At the moment the listings just feature the World Athletics Championships but let’s hope that that is just poor data from SKY listings. I can’t get RTE2 and they apparently allow viewing on the internet “in Ireland only” – so much for the fucking diaspora that kept them all from hunger back in the day. We’re all forgotten now they’re all driving around in Beemers to take them to the latest hip Pacific Rim cuisine eaterie. I hope they fuckin’ choke on it!

  • dunreavynomore

    2.10 to 0.10 in favour of Armagh. A good Armagh team who could have won by a lot more and dominated the 2nd half.

  • John

    I just fired up BBC2 NI here in London and it’s showing fucking athletics… Apparently unless you are watching it on Freeview or Analogue in NI you can’t see the game.

    So I walk up to O’Neill’s at Angel and they’re showing the bloody cricket and won’t change to RTÉ for the football, even though I saw several Tyrone shirts hanging around outside and barely a handful of people watching the cricket.

    Stuck listening to it on Radio Ulster – not happy at all.

  • Mayoman

    Rory and John, look here.

    Lets say witn this, certain channels don’t know where you are.

  • John

    I’ve never been able to fool RTÉ’s geoblock with a variety of proxies etc. Doubt this will work either.

    I don’t expect any better from the BBC, but O’Neill’s is a fucking joke.

  • John

    I was wrong, you are an absolute LEGEND. Never met a Mayo man I didn’t like to be fair.

  • Rory Carr

    Right on, John. Fuck O’Neill’s as well – making their bucks trading as an Irish pub chain and showing fucking cricket.

    I am listening to it on RTE Radio via SKY. Woeful commentary but at least it’s something. Will try Tucows later – thanks, Mayoman.

    Come on, Tyrone!

  • John

    Rory, I’m watching it now – takes about 30 seconds to set up 🙂

    Cork playing a pretty dirty game at the start of the second half.

  • dunreavynomore

    Derrygonnely Harps, your the man, you called it well. That’s a good Cork team.

  • derrygonnelly harp

    What surprised me most was that Tyrone went out without a whimper. I thought that they would battle to the end but clearly their fire has gone out

  • dunreavynomore

    Yes indeed, they showed little of the fight they previously had but at the same time Cork were very good, intent on their game and even down to 14 men steamrollered on. I think Tyrone were shell shocked in the first 15 minutes and never recovered. A pity for Tyeone but it is good to see cork back in the final

  • Mick Fealty

    The BBC’s Gaelic coverage this year has been fitful and patchy. They seemed to cover nearly every match last year. Grrr…

  • Driftwood

    Always sad to see any team from the UK beaten by foreigners, but at least we won the Ashes, so a few celebratory pints later.

    Abu Strauss!!

  • dunreavynomore

    Abu Strauss, is he Taliban?? Does he play for England?

    It’s comical because if you were talking Irish you might say Strauss abú.

  • Driftwood

    That’s, indeed what I meant dunreavynomore.
    A mixed day for British sport with Tyrone and Lewis Hamilton beaten, but more than made up for by the return of the Ashes to us and our athletes doing well in Berlin….

    Win some, lose some…..

  • King J

    A mixed day indeed for the British representatives in the Championship. But it was a catastrophic week for the “non-sectarian GAA”.

    Come on , for real ? Wise up.

  • Mayoman

    Well Armagh and Down are still there in the minors for the colective Irish of the 6 counties (even the simple bits of the GFA seem too complicated for some unionists 😉 ), although I obviously hope Mayo minors come through against Down to rescue something from a typical ‘hopes dashed’ season for Mayo. Having Kerry connections, I hope Meath get trounced next week. Moreover, surely a Kerry Cork final is the spectacle all neutrals want to see?

  • Gram

    Driftwood, it’s really great to see the English take such an interest in Gaelic games. Do you play for one of the clubs in the London area?

  • John

    I hail from Derry and would usually support my neighbours but today I was definitely going for Cork. The reason? I would like to see anyone BUT Tyrone or Kerry win Sam. So I hope Meath stuff them 🙂

  • Sir Anthony

    Where did the GAA get their new grass for the pitch?

  • Mayoman

    Yeah John, but you’re forgetting we still bear the scars of ’96!!! Cork I could bear, just please not Meath!! 😉

  • The Reincarnation of Paul Revere’s Horse

    I don’t think GAA people can complain about objections after what happened in Galbally. You can flap on about what rules were or were not broken but simple fact is, it was an intimidating display for your neighbours. If we are to be totally welcoming to all as an association we need to be more considerate.

    IN regards the game, Cork out fought Tyrone today. The referee got it wrong but in the end I feel ultimately it worked out even in the end. I’m not surprised by Cork at all, a very good team these last 4 years as proved in the league.

    They would have been in Div 1 but for going on strike.

  • John

    Not Meath’s fault you threw that one away 😉

  • CW

    And so this thread quietly fizzles out as it gets buried under the rubble of subsequent stories – and rightly so. Cork were by far the better team, Tyrone underestimated them and paid the price. I know it’s a cliché to say this, but it could be the end of an era for this Tyrone team.

    It looks like the veterans like Dooher (a great player in his day, but just didn’t perform yesterday), Jordan, Gormley and O’Neill have had their day. Fair play to Cork though. Despite a few dodgy refereeing decisions they outplayed Tyrone at all stages of the game. I hope they go on to win. That’s all there is to say really…

    So going slightly off topic now – we’ve had plenty of posts on this site about perceptions of the GAA in the North and alleged political connections. But we’ve had few (if any) on perceptions in the South. I’d be interested to see a blog about the attitude of the upper middle classes in the South – particularly in some of the leafier suburbs of Dublin (and certain Sunday Independent columns) – and why they view “Dis greet Asso-see-yashun” (cf “bog ball”, “stick-fighting” et al) with such scorn and derision.

    Snobbery certainly comes into it, but also the fact that the insular and parochial nature of the GAA is anathema to their high climbing cosmopolitan aspirations and in their view reminiscent of an “Olde Worlde” Ireland stuck in the past that they would love to leave behind. Maybe there’s even an anti-northern slant to it?

    I’d also be interested in when these attitudes came about. Is it a Celtic Tiger era thing or does it go back much further?

    Perhaps some of the regular southern-based readers would like to elaborate on this and give their tuppence worth? Perhaps one of the regular bloggers of this parish would like to start a post on the subject?

  • RepublicanStones

    A dissapointing result, but the Rebel county more than deserved it. The sending off shouldn’t have happened, and I had the feeling karma would repay the peoples republic, and so it did.

    At least there still be some red and white to cheer on in the final, rather see them win than Kerry or Meath (wouldn’t support anything that puts a smile on the bake of Geraghty, even though he’s retired)

  • exile

    [i]It looks like the veterans like Dooher (a great player in his day, but just didn’t perform yesterday), Jordan, Gormley and O’Neill have had their day.[/i]

    With the exception of Brian, that won’t happen. But don’t forget that Dooher put in one of his finest performances, maybe even his best ever, in last year’s final. There’s still hope for him yet.

    I said before yesterday’s game that I thought that he should have started on the bench, with Brian McGuigan to take his place, and then be used to close out the game in the last 15, a la Canavan 2005. Although of course that was premised on the basis that we’d still be in the game by that stage so I could just be talking sh*te.

    It was also somewhat bizarre to hear Colm “I’ll eat my hat if Dooher ever wins an All-Ireland” O’Rourke informing viewers that he thought Dooher (34) and B.McGuigan (29) should call it a day. Yes indeed, from a man who retired at 36. It’s hard enough to like Meath as it is without the bollocks that he spouts.

    [i]Fair play to Cork though. Despite a few dodgy refereeing decisions they outplayed Tyrone at all stages of the game. I hope they go on to win.[/i]

    Well said, although the ref’s appalling decisions were applied equally to both teams. Rebels abú.

  • exile

    Just to add, our gameplan took a massive hit yesterday morning when big Seán fell ill. I still thought we’d come it through it when the teams were announced, but judging by the hunger and power evident in Cork’s performance I think we’d probably still have lost had he been fit and ready. The Cork sending off probably balanced things out luck-wise anyways.

  • Pat McAnaney

    “Not Meath’s fault you threw that one away 😉 ”

    Someone else bears a great deal of responsibility!